Sunday, August 12, 2012

re: Guilt and Condemnation

If you are a Christian and still struggle with guilt and condemnation, this is for you.

This is the stuff which finally, after whole decades, helped me to burst through a type of brick wall inside my head and step closer to God's side where peace and joy live and dance around. The place on the other side of that brick wall. 

Life is totally different on that other side. Amazingly better. Freer. 

It's available to everyone and I've seen some of you splashing around over here. I hope to see others of you dancing here soon, too.

Just sayin'...


"He whom the Son sets free is free, indeed!"


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Anonymous said...

I used to think that with one certain relative who so loved to criticize me, for the smallest to the largest of things, how did he think I needed GOD? Then I realized he was way more condeming of me that GOD ever has been. No, I am not perfect, but GOD understands what no humans can too. SO much easier to live with what GOD expects than some humans. I am so grateful for GOD showing me just that!! I am not sure I at least, can ever please one human 100% of the time; doubtful. I think I can come much closer to pleasing HIM, my REAL FATHER, as I love to call HIM!!