Thursday, August 02, 2012

An Olympics of One. Sort-Of.

"Each one should test his own actions. Then he can take pride in himself, without comparing himself to somebody else..."   ... Galations 6:4


So once in awhile, I'm taking peeks at the Olympics, mostly at the life story segments of the athletes since always that's what I like best. You know, those stories which show us where these people came from and what they overcame so that, when we watch them, we'll care more whether they win or lose.

But you know? During those interviews, that Bible verse, above, keeps appearing to me and I find myself wishing the Olympians would just be content to 1.) Be there in the Olympics and 2.) to do their very best, trying to beat their own previous scores/times and 3.) to behave admirably toward everyone so that, when they leave, they can take pride in themselves and come away with wonderful memories whether they won a medal or not.

It majorly bugs me when an athlete will say something like, "A silver medal would only be second-best and a bronze? Huh. Second loser. It's gold or nothing for me."

Instead, I like the Olympians who appear balanced, those who appreciate and treasure this time, yes, but--when it's over--they have something else in Life, something great to return to, besides their sport.

Anyway, much of my earlier life used to be a 24/7 competition and ugh! What a dreadful way to live, even if you're just trying to be as good as everyone rather than attempting to be better. Either way, it's tiring and usually inwardly exhausting and downright ugly, too.

But when I replaced competing with others with competing against myself, a new beautiful calm arrived--and has never left. Now I'm free to be my most creative and to use the gifts God gave me in a unique way. This has changed pretty much, well, everything--and I much, much prefer Life this way.


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Oh! A treehouse village. The interior photos are awesome.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men..."   ...Colossians 3:23


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Anonymous said...

I learned in childhood to not try to be the best by competing with others. In classes like gym some always always excel. .. etc etc. God made them this way. How can you compete with God's design? We all have talent in some areas above others, other abilities not so much. If I do the best I honestly can in any subject or skill or work that is all I can do. Something I will excel in. It might just be the best smile but it is something. Use the talents you are given. Or gifts you are given. {Back to a post you had a while back..and by the way, thank you for that one too!! :) } We are to concentrate on doing good ourselves not looking to see what others are doing ..or not doing anyway. Right? Now not that I still don't once in a while look to others and think/wish I could do this or that too as well...I am human. But I stop myself and thank God for giving them the ability/beauty/talent or whatever and to forgive my envy.... ... ... Hope you are able to stay cool!! Sarah