Monday, August 27, 2012

Ack! A Five-Dollar Mistake.

"The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abundant in mercy."  ... Psalm 103:8


Oh for goodness' sake.

Mrs. Coupon Queen made an incredibly annoying $5 mistake at her magical supermarket this morning and she's still trying to forgive herself.

See, our store had a promotion where--if you bought 6 items (mostly Kraft ones) from a list--you'd get 200 extra gas points (!) (That's .20 cents off each gallon.) These were actually items I would use, plus, I had coupons for everything, also. They even said the Buy One, Get One Free Kraft cheese slices counted as two products, even though you're technically getting one free.

Well, that's what messed me up.  *&^%$

See, right now you, too, are likely eligible for a terrific deal! (Go here to read about it and see if your store qualifies.) Here it is: From now till September 15th, if you buy 10 participating Kraft items in one shopping trip, you'll get a catalina coupon for $10 off your next shopping trip(!) Buy fewer items and get a smaller coupon. Great deal, especially if you can match sale items with coupons.

Well, I created a killer list of ten Kraft items, 8 of them on sale, and had coupons for all ten. But, I counted my Buy One, Get One Free Kraft singles as two items ... and the official Kraft/catalina people weren't as kind as my supermarket. 

The free cheese did not ring up as my 10th Kraft item. And because I'd bought just 9 items, only a $5 coupon spat out of the check stand machine. 

Razzle-frats. I felt beyond disappointed. Sad.

I should have known better. I should have checked-out the website/conditions more carefully. I should have thought.


But here's the thing. Notice all those I's up there? Obviously, some pride's involved. Pride like .....  I'm a Coupon Queen, for Pete's sake. I've been couponing for three whole decades. I'm good at this and I shouldn't have made such a sloppy, costly mistake. 

I, I, I. Me, me, meeee.

Anytime we're throwing around lots of I's and Me's, we're probably feelin' some pride. Splashing around all clueless in it, even.

But one thing is needful--that we be quick to forgive ourselves--and other people. Oh dear... On message boards I see so many people who must hate mercy, or something. Mean people who act as though--because they never made So-And-So's mistake--they've never made a mistake, period.

Their meanness is scary. Where has mercy gone in 2012?

But what should happen? With each mistake we make, our patience, compassion and mercy toward others should go way up. If we're paying attention. If we're allowing our own errors to humble us. 

Otherwise? When we do error big-time, we'll probably be left sitting alone, wondering, "Why's everyone so upset with me? Why's everybody having a cow about what I did? Where did all my friends go?"

If we desire to receive forgiveness and mercy from others, we must first extend it toward them. God loves to show mercy and may that be said of us, as well.


"Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy."  ... Matthew 5:7



Terra said...

Matthew 5:7 says it perfectly; those who hate mercy will receive none.
Your tale of goofing up and missing out on $5 is one I can relate to and you are wise to notice a bit of pride peeking out. As one book title says "don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuffy." Nice post.

Anonymous said...

I know that about every time I start to get upset with someone or something I remember I have done the same..or worse myself and was shown mercy. That is the end of that bad thinking!!! I used to keep a stone by my phone to remind myself to never throw the first stone. Each time God humbles us through lessons we have messed up and learned too we gain new ground in our compassion and are quicker to forgive. Sometimes though quicker than other times. :( It is the very basic do unto others law I think. Sarah

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I don't try to use that kind of deal...have had such happen to us too...seems the small print (if one could read it) somehow does not quite state all the conditions that apply or not. But it seems to work for some. Even Moneysavingmom had a similar problem recently. So those of us later on the train need not feel too badly.