Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mostly Just Books. (Yes, Again.)

After 20 months of very little shopping, it's been a treat to be given a Shopping Season from God to replace those items which faded/ripped/died during all those unemployment months, some which had worn-out even before those months, but I'd ignored those little promptings to replace them which one hears in her heart or her head... and was sorry.

So all week I've had the car (since Tom worked night shift and had to sleep during the day) and I've shopped like a woman released from a deserted island. At least, it's been big-time shopping for me, she who waits for sales or just makes do because she's such a tightwad. And when next week I won't have the car, I'll be ever so grateful to remain home after all these days of crazy driving/shopping/spending.

Early this morning, before any traffic out there, I ventured the back way (don't you love quiet back ways?) to Home Depot, visit #4 or 5 this week and bought the last of the bricks I need, more garden soil (I'm hoping the last of those heavy bags I'll need, too) and a special surprise: a lone little blueberry plant marked down to $3.49. Oh! I hadn't even known Home Depot sold those, had not spied another one in all my trips there, but yet there she sat, something I've wanted for eons, but never managed to find/order/purchase. Until today.

Then I was off to Salvation Army where I found, not only three nice articles of clothing and a great rooster for my garden, but a like-new copy of Mama Makes Up Her Mind (mine, I noticed last week, was all water-stained) and these fun books:

Remember how excited you'd feel when your Scholastic book order would arrive at your elementary school classroom? I'm still always thrilled like that when I paw through dusty bookshelves, me in my black-rimmed Dollar Tree reading glasses, and find treasures. Scholastic books! Sometimes I get such cravings to reread mine, especially when the world goes extra-insane. Scholastic books turn everything--turn me, even--right-side up again.

And when I've finished this post I will again Play Books, not only in honor of these new treasures, but I've still yet to unpack a box of books and (gorgeous) decorating magazines (remember my shock at their now-prices and how I didn't buy one?) Donna sent me home with yesterday (such a lovely visit we had in her cheerful new digs) , oh, and these, also:

Remember how I told you I'd only be attending estate sales, not yard/garage sales? Well, there I go lying again, or slipping into a lie, anyway, for--when we can--Tom and I do still attend yard sales, though, in my defense, I often sit in the car and read after only 3 or so sales (Tom becomes a Great Yard Sale Conqueror, so it takes longer for him to tire). Anyway, that's what I was doing--sitting in the car--when Tom bought 20 (!) of these beautiful American Country Time-Life books for me. All for just $5, total, from a super-nice couple who helped carry them to the car and who, also, told Tom much of the story of their home.

Western New York has the nicest people! And truthfully, that's part of why I keep doing the yard sale thing: the kind, friendly people we meet.

Anyway, wow. The books are gorgeous. Beautiful photos and each is dedicated to a different aspect of country life. Furniture, houses, gardens, cooking, quilts etc., etc..... It'll take me months to look through all of them.

Ah, books. Don't you just love books, especially when God was kind enough to drop them down for you right in front of your nose?

He is still so good. He still takes excellent care of His kids. Yes, even in 2012.


Links to the books I mentioned:


Some kindle books you may enjoy:

I got each of these books free, thanks to this website--which I've shared with you before, but I just can't help sharing it again!


I'm still enjoying your comments after my last post--thanks for your creative help! Though I'd probably love a red door the most, the kind of brick I'm thinking I like best is more pink-ish with lots of white. It's the houses which have been fronted with that kind of brick which most take my breath away, so well, I'm not sure a red door would go with that. Time to dash around online to see what colors of doors people with pink-ish brick houses use! :)



Anonymous said...

Just checked in for a minute... books!!! I Never tire of a post about books!!! Sarah

K.E. said...

In the case of the bricks, an olivey green might look great. It would have to the just right shade though, so as not to look Christmassy all year long. Unless of course you like that sort of thing, heh.

I sure do remember the Scholastic book order coming in. So exciting! My sister and I would pick out hers together, (one of the few things we liked doing together back then :), so I had double excitement.
One of our favorites was "The Wednesday Witch"; I found it on Book Mooch and now my niece, my sister and I all have a copy. (Book Mooch is a free book trading site - you do have to pay to ship to people when they request yours, but it's a great way to unload some books)

barbara kelly said...

Good article Debra, I love books. I always pictured a big library with the sliding ladders because the shelves were so high in my dream home. I could never get cozy with the idea of one of those Kindles or whatever you want to call them.

Morning's Minion said...

I have a few books from the Time-Life American Country series--never had the whole set. I've had to down-size my book collection as several moves have brought us to a much smaller house, but I kept a few favorites from that series. I've been firm with myself about buying more books here, but occasionally spot a treasure at Goodwill that has to come home with me. Alibris is one of those on-line treasure chests that may be a bit too accessable for someone with a love of books and a wireless connection!