Saturday, June 23, 2012

Of Ebooks and Possibilities

Ok. Just one more list of free ebooks. Anonymous gave me a link to Daily Free Books and wow! Guess where I spent the morning? Sign-up with them and they'll daily send you the latest free ebooks which you can download. Too, there's an archive and I've probably browsed 15 pages already.

But before I give you that list of free ebooks---- I've discovered two books explaining how to publish a book of your own for Kindle and oh! What a nifty idea. Probably since I was 10 I've dreamed of having a book published--and of course--I've kinda-sorta (kinda-sorta!) done that with this blog of more than 2,000 posts. And most days, I'm totally ok with this blog format being my 'letter to the world.'

Yet. How fun would it be to create a Kindle book with a cover and a table of contents and chapters! Oh, the possibilities... 

And the other good thing? I wouldn't have to travel to do book signings. Not sure if I've mentioned this here before, but that's been a huge reason why I've never, as of yet, tried to publish my blog into any sort of book form--the traveling.

Ugh. Now, it's not the meeting with people at bookstores for signings I'd object to. No, I feel such compassion for people the older I grow and enjoy meeting new-to-me ones. But it's the being told by a publisher/editor/powers-that-be that I must do that. That I must fly on a dreaded plane and wind my way through noisy, confusing city traffic and take elevators in places of business amongst people dressed-to-the-business-hilt, me in my black slacks, t-shirts, 1990's blazers and home-clipped haircuts. It's the loss of my own schedule and my simple cottage life and the traveling without Tom who makes all our vacation plans so that I cluelessly just waddle along behind him in crowds, clutching his shirt.

It's all those traveling thoughts (and more) which have kept me from seeking publication. So far, there's just no Grace within me to travel like that. None. And go anywhere without Grace? Oh my, all those roads lead to The Land of Trouble. 

And also, I just can't see becoming someone I'm not while sharing a part of who I am.

But a self-published Kindle book! I could handle that. Well, maybe.... Sheesh! I read the first few pages about how you must make paragraphs a certain way in your Word program and I couldn't even find the initial button you're supposed to click to start that paragraph process. Good grief. But if I do ever find that button someday and if I ever do choose my 'best of' posts from this blog, the biggest times and biggest lessons (adding a few paragraphs to tie it all together), well, I've already chosen a title:

On The Road To Hobbit Cottage.

Is that perfect, or what? If you've been around here at least 4 years you'll see why I love that title.

Anyway.... if you'd like to choose a possible post for this possible Kindle book, let me know which one, ok? Or, if not a specific post, then just tell me a favorite topic you'd like to nominate--Heaven knows I've repeated lots of the same ol' topics around this place, so it shouldn't be too hard to recall one.  heh.

Just thinking aloud here. After all, I'm still waiting to hear what God thinks about all this. I want nothing that He doesn't want for me. Been there, done that and reaped lots of bad times.

But let me say again, I do thank all of my faithful readers who've stuck by me during the best and worst of times at As I See It Now. I appreciate your encouraging comments and support more than you realize!


And now some more free ebooks for your own Kindle or other devices:

11 Money-Saving Travel Tips by Daniel Davidson
Walking, Living, Learning by Al Argo
Are You Up For the Challenge? by Rod Hairston
Steal Away by Linda and Rik Hall
A Path Less Traveled (A Miller's Creek Novel) by Cathy Bryant
How to Improve Your Memory and Concentration by Chris Diamond
Pennsylvania Dutch Home Cooking by Vincent Press
Social Joy by Josh Kilen
My Walks With Alfie: A Journey into the Light by Joanne Morley
Quick, Cheap and Healthy School Lunches by Jill Green
How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Own Book by Daniel Marques
How to Cook for a Diabetic by Elizabeth Charles
Building a Business of Your Own by C.J. David
Sunnie's Rainbow by D. H. Barbara
Dinner: 27 Easy Recipes by Nancy N. Wilson
Building Your Book for Kindle by Kindle Direct Publishing

There are more, but you get the idea........... And please keep in mind I've not read any of these yet so if you come across one full of offensive stuff--it wasn't my fault! heh. :)


"And from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace"  ... John 1:16. 



Tracy said...

A perfect title for your book! :)

Rosemary said...

Oh Debra, what an impossible task...choosing a favorite post. After looking at the labels on your sidebar, I would have to say four subjects stand out for me: Appreciating Life, Paths to Joy, Making Changes and Walking with God. There's a common thread in those, don't you agree? Look forward to your book...I'm ready to pre-order :)

Anonymous said...

I second Rosemary. I wish you could publish the who she bang actually in book form..I'd buy it.!! I do want to add a real book to your list of ones to check out at the library. It is called "Dinner with the Perfect Stranger...An Invitation Worth Considering" by David Gregory in 2005. The story line is a man gets a formal invitation delivered to his office inviting him to dinner with Jesus of Nazareth. He figures it has to be a joke probably put on by his office buddies. He finally decides to show up and has dinner with Jesus. I got it used last night. This book is 100 pages only and 5 1/4" X7 1/2" but full of the type of questions an unbeliever would ask and the answers Jesus would give all during their dinner together. Read it and think if there is anyone you know who might read it and come to a very important decision in their life through reading it. Many of the statements and thoughts in this book made me think of many of your posts. I liked this book...if you read it please tell me if it would steer any one wrong. Maybe I have over looked something being said in it. ?? Sarah

Anonymous said...

Last night I finished the last few pages of the book I talked about. It states I believe all the relative points in an understandable way and referring to the Bible. What it did not have at the end was a conclusion as to what the man did or any instructions from Jesus on a sinners prayer for salvation as it is called by some. No born again talk...although the thought of change in person and mind and soul is talked about. A new relationship of God with us and we with him and He in us is talked about. On the last page of the book it had a .com to go to for further discussion etc but I could not get it to work. [ ] . Apron further trying.... came up on a blank red page that said it had no plug in, whatever that means. I wanted to go to the .com mention on last page of the book to see what further might be brought out. It said to had readers guide,you could tell them what you think of the book etc. on it. Shouldn't the book have gone a bit further in instruction? I wonder. Sarah