Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Addicted or Balanced --Or a Little of Both?

So last week Naomi gave a video link to Tom and me at Facebook called One More Episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Oh my goodness. 

The first 3 minutes of it? Tom and I felt like someone had hidden a secret camera in our living room for years and stole our actions to use for this skit.


Though, ok.... We never got pathetically addicted to Battlestar Galactica (I've not watched more than 10 minutes of it), but oh dear... try 24, instead. And I Shouldn't Be Alive. And Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, X-Files, Out Of The Wild, Heroes, Man, Woman, Wild, Perry Mason, LOST, Monk and ----**

You know, shows which make you say, "Oh, we've got to watch just one more episode! Just one more!"


Now, ok.... We all have our favorite things to do and watching these shows together, as a couple, is one of Tom's and my favorite things. And there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, lots of times while watching these shows, he'll be sitting in his recliner and I'll be lying on the couch (always beneath a blanket because quasi-leather is cold!) and one of us will say something like, "I like watching these shows with you." And all right, we do enjoy chatting during the shows, too, often occasionally making fun of the (clueless) people in the survival shows, especially.

So yes, watching these adventurous shows together is fun for us! But I've noticed something. They're more fun when we keep our watching balanced. When, after a couple episodes, we get our sorry behinds off the recliner/couch and start earning some additional tv time. You know, by spending an hour, or more, paying some bills or washing dishes or doing some laundry, some yard work or making phone calls. Then when we return, we feel as though we've paid for a couple more episodes. Like we've earned more tv time. That we can sit there awhile longer and the house won't fall down around our ears. :)

Balance. Especially in my later years, I've come to treasure good old-fashioned, keep-me-sane, life-saving balance.

And perhaps that's why I find the first 3 minutes of this video Naomi sent, beyond hilarious. Yet I find it quite the little warning, also.  Maybe you will, too.

Here you go:


Oh, and just what we needed......................  Yesterday Tom and I discovered another survival show at Netflix, one called Dual Survival. After just one episode we are hooked! But in a balanced sort of way, of course.   ....heh.............


"You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, take care that you are not carried away with the error of lawless people and lose your own stability."

2 Peter 3:17


** Over a period of 8 years, lest you think we watched all those in only 6 months or so...heh...



K.E. said...

Ah yes. In my case it was Deadwood. Staying up until 3 am to watch just one more. :)

Bonnie said...

Oh my gosh, Debra. That clip was hilarious. I don't know what was funnier...watching the couple deteriorate on the sofa or the woman in bed telling her husband "Ron, get those white people out my closet".

My balance problem is with Facebook, so I've had to discipline myself with it. Would rather spend that time reading good blog posts like yours.

Rosemary said...

Still chuckle when I think about that video, Debra. Thanks.

Debra said...

Thanks, Everyone, for letting me know you enjoyed this video! I loved it much and wanted to pass along the laughs (and lessons...heh...) Blessings, Debra