Thursday, March 08, 2012

Unable to Function Without Him--It's a Good Thing

"Without Me you can do nothing."  ... John 15:5

Way back in the 1990's I noticed the weirdest thing. As I became closer to God, I felt physically weaker.

Really, it was odd. I mean after 15 years of keeping house and grocery shopping and working in the garden (and all that good stuff) suddenly it all felt like too much. Unless!... unless I allowed Grace to do those things through me. Unless I went shopping when Grace nudged me to go ... unless I cleaned the house when Grace stood there with a broom and a "let's get sweeping!" smile .... unless Grace whispered, "Now's a perfect time for you physically and weather-wise to get out in the garden to pull weeds." Then, I'd have all the strength I needed--if I obeyed in a timely manner.

Like I said.... weird, huh?

But oh, it changed everything and continues to do so for, truly, all these years later it's become a clear fact: I really! without God, can do nothing. And for me, it's the wisest, most peaceful way to live this Life.

And it especially applies to this blog, as well. I mean, last week I began reading my December of 2007 posts and I thought, "Who wrote this stuff? Certainly not me, well, certainly not alone, because I can't even write thought-provoking stuff like that. Not me, no way."

So in case you didn't already know it, there's some heavy-duty co-writing going on in this blog. And without that Co-Writer, well, forget it. This blog would have become one of thousands of "ghost town blogs" that you come across sometimes. You know, places where once there was life, but now you can practically hear the lonely wind blowing across them and almost glimpse a tumbleweed tripping across the page.

There is no better way to live than doing everything, even the tiny daily stuff, in God's strength. At least, I've found no better way.


Anybody wondering how I'm doing with having Naomi far away in Tennessee? Well, God being as good as He is, He's helping me feel like Naomi still lives down the street--only the street just became l-o-n-g-e-r, that's all. :)

And that makes me smile and feel fine.


So! Did anybody read Paradise, The Holy City and the Glory of the Throne yet?

If so, you may recall the part where a group of evangelists in Heaven were taking a walk together, ones Seneca Sodi mentioned by name. Well, I listed their names so I could look them up online and oh wow... What a delightful time I had reading about their lives upon Earth. And it tickled me that they lived during different eras, between the 1600's and 1900's, yet there they were in Heaven conversing with each other in joy. Happy sigh.

So to not keep all the fun to myself, I'll list their names and give you a link for each one here:

Christmas Evans
Rowland Hill
Dr. Thomas Guthrie
Robert Flockhart
Dr. Adam Clark
George Fox
Peter Cartwright
Lorenzo Dow  and this, too.

And I'll confess I came away hoping I'm related to George Fox (my grandmother's maiden name was Fox) because I thought George was quite cool! :) A kindred spirit in many ways.

Be blessed today!