Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back To School

So! I've returned to God College.

I love it when Grace is upon a thing and she's certainly upon these afternoon classes I'm taking. Each day around 1:00 I sit at my computer and start reading. Reading what, you ask? Well, I begin with that page of classic Christian authors I gave you earlier this week. I pick one of the books, read a couple chapters, perhaps, then often something within the words reminds me of something else I'd like to Google.

So then I do a search and travel somewhere else to read. And then because it's good to meditate upon what one has read, I might go downstairs and wash the dishes. Dish washing! A very contemplative thing to do and a reason I only use the dishwasher once a month. (Well, the real reason I use it that often is to keep it in running order, though ok, sometimes it's because all those dirty dishes in there appear daunting, indeed.)

Anyway, after completing this 'recess'  of sorts, I'll return upstairs and read and search and read and search some more for perhaps another hour or so. Then I call it quits for the day while remaining a bit meditative while trying to hold onto what I've learned.

I love God College. He's an awesome administrator and gives me the most interesting and timely things to study and He's oh so patient! He never gives tests too soon, but always after He believes I've had time to study enough to pass them. And He even lets Grace help me with my homework. :)


And oh! I told Tom earlier this week that I'm quite tired of using Yahoo as my homepage because each morning all bleary-eyed at 4:30 or 5:00, I'll turn on the computer and wham! Yahoo displays it's Big Bad News Box dead-center, showing me the latest tragic news, in pictures, even. And silly or worrisome news, too, like which two actresses wore the same dress, which athlete has an odd new hairstyle and how we're all wearing make-up containing arsenic, etc.  And well, I was finding the bad news too sad and the other stuff too distracting, sometimes even clicking on them (I know, I know) and awaking later to find myself standing on yet one more bunny trail.

Not good.

Well, yesterday God answered another prayer by--who knows how--taking me to iGoogle where I then created my very own, custom-made, news-free homepage.

Oh wow... love it! This morning how much more pleasant it was to not see the Bad News Box but rather, these headlines:

Bible Verse of the Day
Daily Bible Devotional--Days of Heaven Upon Earth by A.B. Simpson
Daily Bible Devotional--Our Daily Homily by F.B. Meyer
Daily Bible Devotional--Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Charles Cowman
(Those previous 3 links were apps I got from those pages, not from the iGoogle Add Gadgets button, as were the rest.)
Reminders from God
Daily Blessing
Simply Recipes
Healthy Eating Tips
Local Weather
French Word of the Hour
Daily Photo Tips
Date & Time (shows the date, a clock and a calendar page)

Hooray! Something new, something useful and something much improved for my personal needs. Don't you love such discoveries? I totally recommend iGoogle. Check it out!

Now, lest you think I've gone totally news-less, I still watch our local Buffalo early morning news which I've told you about before. The anchor people all feel like family and they share lots of good news and information from our community--so much so--that the bad news feels only sprinkled in here and there. So I'm still getting the news, only in a way I feel is Grace-given to me.


You've probably never heard of Smith Wigglesworth, but he was another old-timey author who I discovered way back around 1994 and I bought a couple of his books of sermons (technically he wasn't an author, but rather, his sermons were recorded by people in shorthand and placed into books). Well, yesterday I found a website which shares lots of his sermons online--yay! (Scroll down a little.) His sermons tell delightful stories of his daily life adventures as God helped him save and heal many people. Mr. Wigglesworth was one unique dude. :) I look forward to meeting him in Heaven.


Another College I've Attended? Homemaking College.


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