Sunday, January 15, 2012

Using Creativity to Customize

Ahoy! I've reached a happy medium with Facebook.

You may recall someone hacked my account and suddenly my Facebook friends began receiving annoying emails saying they'd won contests I'd recommended, or other such nonsense, and the hacker began an account which appeared exactly like mine, etc.

Sooo annoying.

So eventually I deleted all my friends (not easy nor pleasant) so to save them from the emails and alerted the ones who'd signed-up with the hacker's account believing it was mine, etc. I deleted all my photos and personal information, too. A dark blip during our otherwise lovely first weeks at Hobbit Cottage.

Originally, I tried to make my Facebook account totally disappear. Someone online said if you de-activate your account, wait over two weeks before returning, your account will be gone. Ha! Didn't work.

So here's the happy medium I mentioned. Though my Facebook page is pretty much empty (no photo or likes or history, etc.) I leave it open so to send the occasional message to friends whose email addresses I don't have, especially when their birthdays come around, etc. Also, I snag lots of free coupons or items by taking advantage of companies' free Facebook offers. Too, I enjoy receiving email from a handful of Facebook groups I'd joined, such as Fans of Anne LaBastille and one which enjoys Grace Livingston Hill's books. And it's fun to check-in with a group which tells us what's going on in the mountain town where I graduated high school and met Tom and lived a total of 12 years.

Truly, I don't understand now how I ever had time to keep-up with 140 friends there all those months! Must've been one of those Grace things--Grace helped me swim Facebook's waters back then, but then she swam away.  So that meant I needed to move-on, also, lest Facebook (and Life) become downright hard.

I am so weak without Grace.

Anyway. As I've custom-made Facebook for my needs, I've learned it's possible to customize much of my daily, around-and-about Hobbit Cottage life,also.

Examples? Rather than battle crowds at the supermarket, I go early in the morning (around 8:00 am) and practically have the entire store to my peace-loving self. I can customize how often I go, too, when I'm conscious enough to plan ahead.

And instead of being interrupted in the mornings to cook breakfast for Tom, I've asked him to make his own breakfasts on those mornings I'm in the middle of something. And rather than complaining when he gets up during my oh-so-loved wee, early hours of morning, I just stay upstairs and enjoy my quiet time up here, alone.

I use Netflix and the Internet to watch shows at my convenience instead of having to pause a certain time in my day or wait around for primetime when I'm barely awake. Rather than brave snowstorms to run and get library books, I buy books throughout the year at yard sales and save them for winter (or reread long-held favorites). I stock-up on groceries so to avoid snowy trips, too, and--to a point--I'm in control of supermarket prices when I save money by stocking-up on enough sale items (using coupons, too) to last six months, a year or just until the next sale. I can customize the prices I pay for household items and clothing when I shop thrift stores and yard sales.

To my modern world I can add retro clothing and hairstyles and vintage magazines, movies and books and music.

There's more of course, but today I wish to encourage you with this: it's possible to customize much of your own life, as well. At least parts of it. Sometimes we feel helpless, as though our circumstances are more powerful than we are, when actually? We've just not yet used our creativity and wisdom, our ability to say 'no,' nor asked for what we need so to take back a certain amount of control we've all been given. 

With God and Grace, customizing portions of our life is possible. At least, that's what I'm currently learning.


Save .50 cents on two boxes of Green Giant frozen vegetables. Use your back button to print two. Another good coupon for doubling and using with a sale price.


Discovered last week that--finally--Netflix has placed the original Law and Order on their instant view list. Yay! I only discovered this show four years ago (where had I been?) and especially enjoy the "Lennie Years." This show sometimes reminds me that not everything in Life is as black and white as I'd like to believe it is. Imagine that.


"You have not because you ask not."  ... James 4:2

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." ... Philippians 4:13



Tracy said...

A wonderful post, Debra! :)

Elizabeth said...

Very good advice Debra! I am trying to do some of these things as well in my search for a calmer life.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of it as customizing our life but we do do many of the things you mentioned. Now to rethink of other ways to do the things that still strain our spirits and customize them! Thanks for making me realize I can go further than we have if we just put the ol thinking cap on. :) On the subject of retro I have noted that recently our Big Lots has had several seasons of Raw Hide, The Odd couple, and My Three
Sons for $10 per season. Keep a watch out in case you are looking for seasons of older shows. I wish I could find Donna Reed , Father Knows Best, or Leave It To Beaver there! I found the dvd of Avalon there recently. I was so happy! That is one of my favorite movies. Have you seen it? I think you would love it too. Set in the 1950s. Sarah

Julie no longer in Texas said...

I am also finding the same scenario set up now in our new home situation. No cable/satellite TV now... I love finding the shows, weather reports that I would like to see and when I want to see them. Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, PBS have all been very good sources for shows I like to see. And, if an ad comes on, I mute it and go to a different web page! :) Thanks for the Anne Labastille group mention, as that is what got me to your blog in the first place! :) I am going to request to join. I wish she was still alive, she seemed indestructible.

Judy said...

Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT try Pinterest!
(as if i needed more ideas...)