Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When We Let God Do The Hard Work...

"Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed..."  ... James 5:16


Well, that verse certainly works! I mean, remember that post from last week where I confessed Tom's tv habit was making me bonkers, not to mention a nag? (A post, by the way, I, personally didn't want to write, but God made me. heh.).

Well, ever since writing that post, things have been even more heavenly around here at Hobbit Cottage(!) Now, has Tom stopped watching lots of tv? Uh, no, but it has stopped bugging me and Tom has at least returned to spending time on the computer, exercising more and just balancing Life better. Imagine that--and all without my 'help.'

And me? I told God that Tom's sedentary life is His problem now, not mine... and good luck. :) And you know? I've been able to leave Tom sitting in God's hands, trusting that God really can care for him if I just pull my fingers off the situation... and knowing more than ever that changing Tom is certainly not to be my goal. Whew.

And oh! Things are good around here--really good. We've even begun watching documentaries for our mutual education and those times are anointed again as they were back in the old days down at the farm when we'd watch tv together on long afternoons.

Here are some favorite documentaries we've Instant-Netflixed so far in the order we enjoyed them:

Iditarod: The Toughest Race on Earth (we both loved and devoured all these episodes)
The American Hobo
Surviving Everest/Return to Everest (the return part was immensely interesting!)
Modern Marvels: Television (saw tons of stuff we'd never even heard of before)
Secret Yosemite
Secret Yellowstone
National Parks: Scripture of Nature

Of course, watching more tv with Tom may sound like an "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" thing, but it's not. There are still lots of days when I spend 8 to 10 happy, busy hours upstairs here in Debra's World --what a loner/introvert I am! But like my buddy, Sara, I've decided to stop apologizing for it. The gifts God's given me are the type which work best when I'm alone, some things just being what they are. And yet if you must have people around you all the time, well, then probably your talents work best that way.

Either way, it's time that each of us stops childishly believing our own way is the only way to live a godly life. That's so ten minutes ago. Silly stuff.

Well anyway, I just wanted to point out today that the verse at the top of this truly does work. Just like all the rest of 'em.  :)


A special welcome to those of you who are new around here!


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