Friday, December 09, 2011

Snow and Happiness

Finally got our first snow today. For a month, forecasters have announced our first winter in Hobbit Cottage will be the hardest, longest winter in years, but hey! November was our fourth-warmest ever, with no snow, so oh well! The threat of a long, long winter is valid no more. It can't happen since we got through November so easily. That's what I say, anyway.

Sometimes you've just got to let others believe what they will while you choose to peacefully believe otherwise.

Did you see the house, above? That's what I see from the window of my tiny library and I call it The Gingerbread House. Kinda looks like gingerbread, doesn't it, especially in the snow. It makes me smile.


I've mentioned how my new friend, Judy F., read through my entire blog a few months ago and well, it's partly because of her doing so that I realized the time had come to leave our farm. How? I read some of my old posts along with her, posts from our former suburb house and oh! While rereading I'd often ask myself, "Who was that happy woman? Where did she go?" And seeing that difference, remembering that happiness which did not so easily come and go, helped me realize something was very wrong.

I realized I'd spent months doing all I'd ever learned to try to stay happy and positive. I kept trying way too hard to do and think well--and the happiness remained elusive, like a butterfly I could only catch sometimes.

And well, you know the rest. We got down off that dead horse which was our farm, moved and now? Now, I don't even have to be oh-so-careful to do and think right--happiness is just here. Oh, obedience to God is still vital! And it's not like I'm here at Hobbit Cottage being all wild and disobedient. No, I'm just here in a place God put us as opposed to where we put ourselves and loving the difference, the unfragile day-after-day joy, the happiness I don't have to try so hard to keep.

Anyway. I wanted to mention Judy F. because her husband recently was given a terrible health prognosis. It's all so unfair and hard to understand and well, I know they both would so appreciate your prayers. Thank-you.



When God asks us to let go of something, it's because He has something else better down the road.


"The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear

Him, And delivers them."   ... Psalm 34:7



Anonymous said...

Loved the photos and the quotes today!! Snow has always been so special to me too (well, mostly from inside looking out, tho' I did used to love shoveling the stuff, which I cannot do well now). It makes everything look so clean...kind of like how GOD cleans us on the inside when we let HIM. Enjoy...

Sorry to hear about your new friend too...a most difficult time of the year to get bad news too. My dear neighbors here just learned he has cancer too. And treatment soon. But funny how one can still find the good news...the MRI showed it had NOT spread!! She was ready to do cartwheels on the lawn after learning that.

Elizabeth in NC

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

It's been months since I was on my blogspot, let alone anyone else's. Coming to read yours was a homecoming experience. Your picture of the table made me homesick for the maple/same- style table we had since our early years together, but let go after we bought my sis's kitchen table and four chairs her hubby made. At least we gave it to our son so it's still in the family. I still have one of the chairs that I sit on daily as I work at my computer.

Now I'm going to have to spend the weekend going through all of your blog-posts since September. What a good reading time that will be for me!

Rita said...

I'll be sure to remember Judy F. in my prayers and her husband. Being ill and caring for the ill can just wear you out. Can cause a person to be so discouraged especially this time of year.