Friday, December 16, 2011

A Promise Fulfilled

Got up again at 4:00 this morning, even though I stayed up till a whole 8:15 last night. heh.

Well, long about 5:00 I felt like numbering the ways that Hobbit Cottage is better than Healing Acres and the list became long:

The way the bird feeders stand closer to our windows so now we don't need to use binoculars.

How we're closer to shops and businesses of all kinds (thus saving gas money galore) and the way my 8-miles-closer supermarket is an enchanted-lost-in-Time place, what with its 1950's music which makes me feel like a vintage housewife, even while driving to the store because of my dream-come-true radio station.

The fact that I have real kitchen cabinets, a smaller yard I can manage alone and a watchable river from our front porch. The way Hobbit Cottage belongs to us, no monthly payments necessary (though of course, there are taxes. Hard to avoid those, especially in New York!).

The prettier, more comfortable upstairs area, a truly non-skid bathtub with a shower head powerful enough to rinse my hair and a bathroom tissue holder I don't have to curse at just to put on a new roll.

A clean, dry basement where I can hang my laundry to dry rather than lug a basket of heavy wet clothes up two flights of stairs so to hang them upstairs in bad weather. Actual sidewalks for afternoon strolls, a downstairs office for Tom (and all his stuff) and the way the sun shines all day in the living and dining rooms and kitchen.

In fact, only one thing isn't quite as good--we don't have an automatic garage door nor electricity out to the garage. But hey, I can so live with that.

So anyway, at the aforementioned enchanted supermarket this morning while singing along with Those Were The Days, My Friend (and not caring who heard me) it hit me:

God kept His promise.

What promise, you ask? Well, way back in February the day after Lennon The Cat passed away, my heart truly felt like it was going to snap in-half inside my chest. I was that heartbroken, for I'd never given so much of my heart to a cat before. Then so quietly I 'heard' God say, "Oh Debra, I will make this up to you. I promise."

And all these months later, He has. Above and beyond what I could ask or even think. And because God and Grace live here at Hobbit Cottage, too, my happiness is complete. Without their presence and favor, it would all just be stuff and things. But with them? It's all amazing.

So give God time, ok? The first half of my year was dreadful circumstance-wise, I couldn't read exactly what was happening and outside of my relationship with God there was little joy. But the last half? Incredible inside, outside, upside-down.


Oh! Some of you may enjoy these Fairytale Houses. Fun stuff!


Nearly finished mailing out my Christmas cards. They seemed to send themselves off this year. Kinda hard to explain, but it was good and a joy, whatever it was.



Anonymous said...

Very happy for you Debra that you're happier there than at your farmhouse...but there must be something you miss from your stay there no? After all, you named it Healing Acres, it must have been for a reason.
Sometimes I sense in your posts that you are trying to convince yourself that it is 'that good' where you live now. It must have been quite a privilege to live amongst all that nature at Healing Acres even if it was for a brief time.


Debra said...

Hi Marie... Actually? I'm just so happy and so relieved to be off of the farm and that's why I keep talking about it. (I'd just been thinking this post was pretty redundant. Guess it was.) I keep trying to think of something I miss from the farm, but I can't think of anything--seriously!

The nice thing, though, is that anytime I wish I can go back there inside my head and walk around amongst the meadows and my big garden. But you know? I hardly ever do that.

We named the place Healing Acres because we'd hoped to have other people come out there, stay with us awhile and go away feeling healed of whatever bothered them. But actually that didn't really happen, at least not that we ever heard. If there was a healing of anything it was of my delusion that I'd like living in the country. heh.

I'm so glad we lived there though! Now I never, ever feel envious of people who live on farms. Never. Ever. And that feels like a sort of new freedom for me.

Thanks for commenting.... Debra

Saija said...

i think it's wonderful that God allowed you to experience the farm ... sometimes i am happiest when i get something that i really want and then know i can live without it!! make sense?

blessings on ya!

Anonymous said...

Add to your blessings list probably lower electric/gas savings now with a smaller home and your cozy 40s basement kitchen/pantry. I am too enjoying your loving your new small home. We live in our cozy little home too. [but no basement to have a dreamy 40s kitchen in. :( ... :) ] !!! Sarah

Debra said...

Saija--I know exactly what you mean! And that's exactly why I'm glad we had the farm--I lived it, discovered I don't really need it after all, and can now splash around in the freedom of no longer struggling with that desire. I'm glad someone else has been there, done that! :)

Sarah--yes, the lower bills are great, too! And I'm having fun with my downstairs kitchen now, I often go shopping down there and bring up a box of groceries to the kitchen upstairs. So cool. I should play vintage music on the radio down there while I shop, though. :) heh.

Thanks, Ladies... Debra

Elizabeth said...

I do know exactly what you mean Debra, I feel the same way in my new home. I never thought I would be this happy in a new place after spending 21 years in the same place."To everything there is a season"