Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lights, Free Stuff, Rudolph And Lawn Santas

Maybe I'm just a nosey person or one whose eyes need stimulation, but I prefer the scenes from our suburb windows over the natural ones we had at the farm. The easy comparison is that--on the farm--I'd get up at 4:30 a.m. and what would I see outside our kitchen window? Black. Just black. Well, I could often see the moon and a few stars, but after awhile, I wanted more. More variety, more movement. Less static stuff.

But here? Here we have a corner streetlight and I see houses, seven or so, outside that window you always see when you come to visit my blog. Some of the houses have lighted windows and well, it's lovely to not feel like the only person awake on the planet at such an ungodly hour.

And also, sometimes people silently walk past with their dogs (in cute sweaters) or alone or the occasional car drives past. In my early morning sleepiness I appreciate all the action out there. 

Do I understand the whys of that enjoyment? Nah. I just stand at the window and find it fun, interesting to watch anything that moves in the darkness. Perhaps it's a Rear Window kind of thing? (Uh-oh!)

And too? I wish you could stand here with me at that same window on these December nights and see the magic land outside for oh! Five houses have colorful Christmas lights, in varying amounts, and it's like the magic of Disneyland out there. I can't seem to take a decent photo of it all, but here's an attempt of one of the houses;

Some houses have just a smattering of lights yet still they tempt me to dig out our few lights, also. You know, a type of brightening the corner where I am.

Gorgeous sunsets out of my library window upstairs (the first photo) and Disneyland outside the bay window downstairs. And much more. Never before has a house given me so many delightful surprises.


Oh, and I've shared this before, but here goes one more time... Do you like receiving (truly, no-strings-attached) free surprises inside your mailbox? I do! That's why I enjoy Shop 4 Freebies. They send me a daily email with free offers (no credit card required) for shampoo samples, travel magazines, recipe booklets, toothpaste, grocery coupons, calendars, etc. I've received all of these (and more) and yesterday this wildly cool magazine arrived:

Wow, a $6.99 value! Now, that's a fun thing to discover inside one's mailbox, indeed. Want to sign-up for Shop 4 Freebies daily email? Go here.


Oh, and every year I repost a certain two Christmas posts, so well,  here they are. Again.



Mary said...

It is great to hear you sounding so happy again Debra! You always inspire me to find delights in the little things. I, for the first time, put out a few lights in the front yard. It is amazing how much joy it has brought us and the neighbors.

Anonymous said...

After reading the repost of 'what I don't understand' : Oh my goodness! :) I will never look at a blow up lawn santa again with out breaking out laughing!! How I missed reading this before I will never know but I have now!!! :) :) The streets near me are sad and neglected but among all the uckies are a few pretty well kept homes. Being among two thorns so-to-speak they are all the more beautiful. Bless them. The children notice the pretties. I have overheard them as they walk to school. Yes there is beauty out there if we just look. I do though think God dresses the sky every day ever so different yet ever so totally beautiful. I am in ahh of his world. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Second thought on this post. I love to sees homes with the tree in the window. So pretty and like days of yesteryear. {could I Really be this old??...yes.... } Anyway I get a Match Girl feeling walking or driving by the homes where you can see in the windows. Remember that old sad story of the Match Girl? We have never put-up lights. I look at them and cannot even pick which color or type to use. There are so many choices these days. Too many. Sarah