Saturday, November 26, 2011

Welcoming Grace Back Home

So as I said, yesterday was our 33rd anniversary.

The day before, Thanksgiving, Naomi gave us a gift card for the fancy movie theater in town so that we could watch something in comfort rather than sitting in 60-year-old lumpy seats at the retro, cheapo theater. You know, the one we love, though yes, I do usually squirm into 6 pretzel positions trying to find comfort during the average film. But still, there are all those vintage movie posters! And signed photos of stars and the woman in the ticket booth who's always there, year after year, and even looks like Tom's mom. And the time travel-ness of it all.

Anyway, we'd planned to drive to the fancy, comfortable theater, but only one morally ok/interesting film was playing, Hugo, and we'd probably have to share the movie with 200 whispering, squirming kids (who weren't squirming for comfort), ones cranky from all that Black Friday shopping.

And well, that didn't sound all that tempting.

So because Tom and I have become quite simpatico after 33 years, we both were absolutely fine with just ordering-out for Chinese food. And then, oh! After ordering, we discovered that the Animal Planet station had chosen to play a mini-marathon of our current favorite show, I Shouldn't Be Alive. Just for us! Hours and hours of our special show on our special day.

At least, that's how we felt. Oh, how good to have Grace back again the way she used to always hang around and bless everything and make it all 80 times more special.

And you know? I see now more than ever that God had to snatch Grace away for a time back at the farm in order to get us out of there. For our own good. Tom and I had our three years there, got to live-out every farm fantasy we'd ever really desired--but then there came a time to leave. The 'Grace window' was quickly shutting and God wanted us out before it completely slammed shut, while the time was perfect for our escape, while the perfect buyer waited anxiously in the wings to snatch-up what had become to hard for us to handle.

And now! Grace is back and everyday is a joyful one, well, as long as Tom and I rely--not upon ourselves--but upon Grace and God for everything. I mean, we've only got a certain amount of unemployment checks left to come, but what shall we do? Worry in the meantime as they're winding down? Start doubting that God can care for us after they cease, tell Him, "You've taken exquisite care of us so far, but we highly doubt that you can continue?"

No. And I'll tell you why. How many times have I worried about something only to have it never happen? And then how many times, afterward, have I had to apologize to God for those weeks of worry, for all the doubting that He'd make things right?

Way too many times--that's how many.

So this time, after all the having been there, done that, I want to do things right, as in, take one day at a time. Recognize Grace wherever she is. Do things her way, God's way. Really trust--breathe and splash in it, not just speak about it in a doubtful sort of way. 

Only God can do what God can do. He doesn't expect me to even try to do His part, but rather, to daily obey Him, believing that all those myriad obediences will always lead me to be standing exactly where He wants me, at just the right times. And with gladness.


The photo? That's the painting above Tom's desk. He and I realized recently that we now prefer our farm hanging on a wall.  :)


"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow..."  ... Matthew 6:34

Oh, and as an aside, Tom and I do have a Plan B for when the unemployment checks cease. A good plan. (Just in case you were worried...heh...)


Thanks so much for your sweet Thanksgiving and anniversary good wishes!



Sara said...

Sounds like the perfect celebration to me!

Ann said...

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you've found your happy place.

Anonymous said...

Good to know a loving FATHER has us in HIS hands!! We do not own a home, nor have much in savings, but somehow, someway, we will find HIS plan for us. Retirement is nearly here for us...and yea, we have several sorta kinda plans. But HE may provide something entirely different. Who would have dreamed that we were in Jerusalem this time last year?? HE knows best for us!!
Elizabeth in NC

Echoes From the Hill said...

Seems like you are where you are meant to be.
A simple, stay at home anniversary is nice. You don't have to spend a lot of money to celebrate.
It was our anniversary on the 25th, too.