Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shopping Fun

I keep telling you how much I love our supermarket, but I can't help it. It's become My Place, you know, where I go to have fun.

And to think that during our three farm years, I hated supermarket shopping! Hated. It. Just one more example that what is true for you today may not be true tomorrow. So hang in there.

Well anyway, the other morning there at the supermarket before 8:00, the doors burst open and Karen Carpenter greeted me, singing Love Is Surrender. I smiled and grabbed a cart and pushed it a few steps over to where you can handi-wipe your cart's handle and with a swish then a toss of the wipe into the trash, I entered a whole other world.

Nat King Cole had the microphone now and he whisked me back to the 1940's where I remained the majority of my shopping trip. Oh, there were girl groups from the 1950's, too, and then when I heard the song, I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane, immediately I was out on the playground again, 10-years-old, listening to a row of sixth grade girls singing that song, swaying back and forth upon a square bench surrounding a large tree. (Funny what remains in our memories.)

Then Doris Day escorted me back to my mom's side while she shopped for our groceries in the late 1960's in Mill Valley, CA. My sister stepped along the other side of the cart so we wouldn't argue. :)

Oh my store, that music, they take me all sorts of places!  That's why I go early, with no time restraints and few people and so I can slowly amble the aisles, often backtracking because I've skipped something upon my list and I still don't know this store too well. But I'm getting there.

The people who work at my store smile at me, so do other customers, and usually there are elderly folks there who--I just know it!--come for their weekly, rejuvenating trips Back In Time, also. I look at them and wonder where they go when they hear those horns of  Glen Miller.

It's all so good, me setting groceries inside my cart within this time capsule, shopping the sales each week (my store keeps track how much I've saved--it's $734 so far this year and probably another $280 with my coupons, which my store doubles up to 99 cents). My magical supermarket now even counts each manufacturer coupon I use as $10 (!) toward our gas-saving rewards (for every $100 you spend on groceries, you save 10 cents off per gallon of gas). While on the farm we drove to Seneca Indian Nation gas stations so to save around 32 cents per gallon, but now? We drive a simple six blocks and fill-up, saving 40 or 50 cents per gallon.

Oh, there is an odd verse I love so much in Joshua 3. It says:

"Then you will know which way to go, since you have never been this way before."

God gave instructions so the people would be safe. He had a specific plan and He also knew the land well, but they didn't. It was a place, a time in their lives, they'd never known before.

And you know? Never before have I been in this place where I now am-- 14 months into Tom's unemployment, living on faith, at 52 (an age I've never been before), in a different town, inside a tiny house we own outright, believing daily that God will help us make right decisions, especially the ones which greatly affect our future.

And yet? Because God is leading us through this new-to-us place, we feel more rich in blessings than we've ever felt before. Grace is everywhere we go-- in our rooms, in our car and inside even the supermarket down the street which honestly? Is good only because God is so good to me. He led us to this house by closing so many wrong doors we tried to kick open (just ask Cher, our real estate agent), we were so clueless, but God ushered us down this path to the place He'd wanted for us while we searched elsewhere.

I highly recommend chucking worry and the cares of this world for complete trust in God's knowing what He's doing, instead. And believing that His plans for us are good ones. For me, it's now the only way to go.

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Krazy Coupon Lady  (Click on Printable Coupons for hundreds of links to coupons!)

Coupon Dad

Living Rich With Coupons

And want to discover coupon blogs with great deals in your own local area? Just google 'coupon blog, your city (or area) name'. I found a very helpful local coupon blog that way and I also now get a daily email from her.


I believe this is the company which supplies the music to my supermarket. A couple weeks ago I went to my store's website, clicked on their customer comment section and left quite a long paragraph singing the praises of the music they play while I shop. I firmly believe in letting people know when they've done something amazing.



Elizabeth said...

Here I am catching up again! I would love this store!

Anonymous said...

What a refreshing idea!! REAL music as opposed to noise!! Some stores I hurry out as soon as possible, usually so my head won't hurt so much. But some here are finally catching on!! One plays classical, very soothing, no vocal...and people seem never in a hurry there (hmm, you think maybe they spend more too??)

Our favorite restaurant PLAYS NO MUSIC. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE GOOD music...but rather than be assaulted as is the case in many other places, one sits awhile and enjoys the peace and quiet. And the greetings from other customers and each person working there. It is in a small town not far from here. We are considering maybe locating there or another of like kind. Peace is much to be desired.
Thanks for the updates on your town. May it remain the same always.
Elizabeth in NC

jodi said...

I love my grocery store as the one clerk reminds me of one of my grandmothers, :-).

mizsuzee said...

Oh Debra, I wish even ONE store around here would play that music! I am officially jealous! :)

Julie no longer in Texas said...

I have discovered a pet store where I take my dog so that I can wash him myself in a raised tub with all the supplies, where all dog hair is left to be cleaned up by the staff! And, while I lovingly scrub my pooch, this store has fabulous music, as well, that keeps me singing and tapping my toe. Songs I no longer hear, mostly from the 1970's. Puts me in such a great mood!