Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seeing What's Real


My crock pot broke.

Oh, I didn't drop it or anything, it just stopped heating the water here upstairs which was keeping my sinuses ever so happy. Tom looked at it for me (he's good with small electrical projects), but said it was hopeless (probably the switch). So right now he's down at Salvation Army hunting for another one. That's the neat thing about most men--they enjoy hunting so to provide for their families, even if that hunt just takes them down to the local hardware store. Or perhaps especially then.

But other than the death of my crock pot? Things are wonderful.

I haven't even told you yet how we love our new shower and tub here. This is the first truly non-skid tub surface we've ever owned. I mean, you'd have to try tap-dancing upon it in order to slip--so hooray! No more dreadful bathmats which only turn moldy unless you treat them meticulously well. In fact. always when I step into the shower I think of swimming at the ocean and at first I wondered why. But now I know--the surface is so very non-skid that it reminds me of beach showers, those with tiny particles set into the floor and well, how lovely to be reminded of the ocean when one steps into her shower.

Something else? For all three of our farm years, I had to wash my hair in the kitchen sink. Can you believe that?! Well, it's true and that's because the tub's shower head pretty much just trickled water and with my thick locks there's no way it could ever rinse away all the shampoo. So it was the kitchen sink for me.

Are you beginning to understand why I'm so happy here? :)

It truly does behoove each of us to look deeper, to not just assume silly things like just because certain people live in tiny houses they simply can't be as happy and contented as folks in larger, cuter homes. We really do assume so much in this life--it's rather hard not to, given the way the media constantly spouts its worldly biases. But always there's this: God created individuals and because of His incredible, awesome creativity, each of us is made up of separate, unique needs, tastes, preferences, abilities, desires, dreams and --. Millions of unending variations, combinations.

Truly, when we accept all that, the entire world--our own neighborhoods--will appear ever so different, as though we were gone somewhere but have returned after a very long time, following ever so many changes within our own little world and within ourselves.


Oh miraculous day!

Though there were no crock pots to be had for Tom at Salvation Army, he did find this brand new item:

Oh my goodness. I have a new favorite thing.

It's a facial sauna and you stick your face down into the clear plastic part and inhale all that lovely steamed air and then your sinuses open, drain and then you feel amazing.

It's like Heaven in a contraption.

I was standing there at the kitchen counter, head down inside that thing, and Tom chuckled from the living room, "Get a life."

Oh, I have. I have. :)

... and in case you're wondering, I'm timing this new toy right now to see how long it will send steam into my room here upstairs. The reservoir is small and I'll need to always use my portable timer, but that's ok. I am so in love.

Tom definitely gets 2 points for this on his Productivity List! :)


"If anybody wants to keep creating, they have to be about change." ... Miles Davis



K.E. said...

Have you tried a Neti Pot?
I have tried it, but it kinda seemed like what waterboarding might feel like.
People who like them swear by them though.

Debra said...

Kim--our daughter gave us one, but the whole idea of it creeps me out, so I've never used it. heh. This facial sauna feels wonderful so I'm much rather use that! :) I actually don't have major sinus problems--I just have to watch the dry air thing during the winter, that, and stay away from aged dairy products like cheese and yogurt and take my daily vitamin C. It's all very doable and I feel blessed that it's under control and that I've learned how to avoid infections. Thanks for commenting! Always good to see you here (or Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like Tom is sure enough one of those people who can "find things"...a good talent to have!!

Elizabeth in NC

Judy said...

Wow! What a find!
I used a neti pot for the first time tonight. Seems I've finally caught what everyone in the family has already had.
I did NOT like it. But, for now it is what I have.

Elizabeth said...

Debra, I just love the way you find
joy in little things,much like My blog name"simple pleasures" as I have said before we are a lot alike!