Saturday, November 12, 2011

Of Laundry and Adjustments

So Sarah asked after my last post whether we have room in our new yard for a clothesline and yes! Technically, we do have room.


That space lies in the part of the yard open to the eyes of anyone walking past and well, I'm thinking a clothesline there would appear more like a sore in what's already a pretty boring backyard. We can have a clothesline here (the neighbors behind us have one), but I'm just not certain I want one.

I know, I know. I reveled in hanging clothes upon my new clothesline on the farm after not having had one (of my own) for 25 years. And yet a clothesline there, just looked so perfectly acceptable and right.

But here's the thing. Our previous two basements oh-so-resembled dark, cobwebby caves, especially the farm basement for hey! Its walls were actually made of cobblestone--dirty rocks set in walls 130-years-old. And of course it had the mandatory lone light bulb hanging just above the washing machine and skeletons of tarantula-like spiders which made all of us shiver. In the suburb basement I hung clothes to dry--in the farm one I would never consider such a thing.

Both basements were eerie places and felt like doing laundry in the Stone Age.

Yet fast forward to Hobbit Cottage and hooray! This is our laundry area now:

(It's much brighter in-person--trust me.) In fact, that extra wooden-framed fluorescent light above the washing machine blesses me because it's obvious that the husband who lived here many, many years placed it there for his wife. That, and an extra vent that he cut into the duct work so to keep his wife warm while she worked and to help dry any clothes hung on a line still partially there with a clothespin upon it. (My own wooden clothes rack sits below that vent now.)

Oh, and there's even a horizontal pole, an old water line left there, which is perfect for hanging shirts on hangers.

And ok... to some of you this still sounds like Laundry Done The Stone Age Way, but to me? It all spells I-Feel-Blessed-With-These-Improvements.

But when we spend our first glorious Spring here? Who knows. Maybe I'll ask Tom to buy another clothesline. Or maybe sometimes I'll carry our wooden rack outside and hang clothes from it. Or perhaps I'll do like one of our neighbors did on a sweet, blowy day--she hung shirts on hangers from the metal awning over her backdoor, very much like the one we have:

 (I reached up inside it and felt a metal lip just right for holding hanger tips securely.) I found her idea clever, but then, I always appreciate when people think outside of the box.

Inside the box is usually one dull, predictable, everybody's-doing-it-that-way place. I experience more fun on the outside.


An added bonus--the top of the washing machine and freezer make perfect work spaces for not only folding clothes, but mixing paint or repairing or sorting stuff. The lighting is excellent for such things and I was one happy camper when I first discovered that.


Bought this book at Dollar Tree yesterday for both Tom and myself and wow! Tons of inspiration and wisdom. One of those books you find hard to sit still and read because you just want to hop up and start being a better person.


Speaking of Dollar Tree, here's an article detailing what's good to buy there and what is better left alone.



Morning's Minion said...

A fairly warm dry basement is a bonus for doing laundry. I use our outdoor clothesline a good part of the year, so don't feel too guilty about the occaisional load bundled into the dryer. Had to give my last wooden clothes rack to our daughter--my cats thought socks and such dangling from it should be pulled onto the floor.

Anonymous said...

My mother had permanent clotheslines in the basement. You could have one of those pull out type lines that come in one line or 4 line styles. They could be inside or out. I think your system of hanging shirts etc on the pipes is a good one. Wish I could do that! The clothes wouldn't get sun bleached there either! :) We all have to adapt to what we have to work with. Having a dry basement is a definite ++ to me. Not only do you have a basement but also a retro kitchen down there that is darling!! I love it! Sarah

Anonymous said...

I would always hang laundry inside if possible...well, don't birds, etc sometimes "hit the mark" outside?? And with allergies, we were never to do if I hung something outside so the sun could bleach it out a bit, I always had to wash and dry it AFTER that anyway!! You do have a nice basement!! Thanks for the links too.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Debra, you've taken me back to my childhood. My mom had her washer in the basement and until well after I grew up and moved out, we didn't have a dryer at all. We had clotheslines in the basement... several of them :) And you know, it worked just fine!