Sunday, October 09, 2011

What Debra Saw On Her Day Out

This past week Tom spent three days helping Naomi buy a new-to-her car, so he was gone a lot which meant ol' Debra was home a lot. So!  Yesterday I went supermarket shopping early in the a.m., but still felt like going out in the afternoon, and Tom didn't, but you know? I felt fine with that.

Quickly, I looked online at the movies playing at our local back-to-the-1940's theater, found Midnight In Paris, then zipped over here to my favorite Christian movie reviews place. And oh my, these two sentences intrigued me:

"Gil learns that every generation tends to look longingly to the past as a "golden age." And he realizes he should find richness in his life in the present rather than long for it in a time gone by."

Oh dear! Sounded like the movie for me, what with my occasional tendency to er, cough, cough, sputter--gaze backward at previous decades and declare them Better.

So I left Tom blissfully watching Saturday afternoon sports, made a quick stop at Dollar Tree (very crowded with Asian tourists because a Chinese food place is just three doors down), then drove over to My Favorite Theater.

In the past three years I'd been there perhaps just twice, but I remembered what to do, well, what I do, anyway. I always purchase my ticket then stroll through the lobby, gaze at the new movie posters and 1940's decor, then wander down the long hall with all the old posters of movie stars, most long gone from Earth. And then feeling sufficiently wrapped in The Past, I proceed to the correct room and snuggle-in for the next two hours, this time nibbling cookies I smuggled in by way of my purse (hey, I do sometimes buy snacks there and besides, they have no unfriendly signs saying they'll bop you if you bring in your own. So there. heh.)

Well, Midnight in Paris. Good gracious--I loved it! Extremely old-fashioned, visually breath-taking (oh, the 1920's decor and clothes and those nighttime carousels!), fun and it inspired me to write better and to not flake away my days.

And that was just in the first twenty minutes.

Most of you, my readers, would love this movie. Make a note of it. It will probably be out on dvd super soon since My Favorite Theater has been known to still be showing the film the first couple weeks it appears on dvd. But I, for one, will always be grateful I viewed it on the big screen. A gorgeous, evocative, takes-you-away film, yet one which reminded me to be thankful I'm living in this decade. To wish I'd been born in a different one would be the same as accusing God of having misplaced me, which He most certainly did not. (The movie didn't say that-- I did.)  :)

Two thumbs up? Nah. Ten fingers up. :)


Again,  here's the review for Midnight in Paris in case you're curious.


Odie Langley said...

So glad you had that special time to enjoy. Linda & I had our special time yesterday looking at beautiful cats and "singing dogs". There are pictures at my blog. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to locate to a similar town...sounds very, very nice!! I too would feel more like driving myself around were it in a bit less busy place I think!!
Elizabeth in NC

Elizabeth said...

I have got to find that movie!
Elizabeth S.