Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Treats

The photo? The entrance to Nostalgia Lane which I introduced you to yesterday. One thing I never tire of back here in the East--the overhanging trees which meet in the middle of the streets. Always makes me feel as though I'm entering a special place beneath a canopy or a doorway into a time machine. Or something.

And today? Today I'm sharing some of Susan Boyle's latest songs with you. Oh my. What a treat. Enjoy...

You Have to Be There (my favorite of all these. Beautiful.)

Mad World (I've always liked this song and now even more so).

Perfect Day

Enjoy The Silence (loved the gorgeous photo with this one).


You can also find Susan's, Someone to Watch Over Me, on youtube, but I thought I'd share these other songs since we've not heard them already, like, our whole lives. :)



Anonymous said...

We generally take the back road to town, the one with the overhanging branches that meet over the road...yea, we love that too. (Plus usually there are NO trucks on that backroad and a much safer, peaceful journey.) I think most of the trees on our country road are pecans, people gathering the fallen nuts in season.

Will go listen to the links...have loved listening to this lady!
Elizabeth in NC

Mrs. Mac said...

Thanks for the music and walk down your lovely lane. Have a blessed weekend.