Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pic's of My New 'Hood

Well, finally I took a walk around our block. I'm embarrassed to say I'd waited a whole 7 weeks, but I have my excuses. heh. And I must admit some parts of our neighborhood are well, scary. I left-out those houses, though I may show them to you someday (in case you don't believe me about their scariness). 

So anyway, here is part of my new 'hood.

This is the tree outside our windows on the sunny side of the house. That tall house has been empty all this time, but a new family is in the process of moving in. They look nice.

Kinda rough, but I think it's cute.

At the end of our street, one of the nicer places.

And this reminds me of the street I used to walk along near our apartment in '08. It has a countryish, though park-like feeling. Yet running up a hill beside it is part of a thruway. Alas.

So there's your mini tour for the day. I'd love to get to know more people here. The day before we moved-in, one woman, Shirley, came and greeted us. She's lived in her home for 61 years! She said the woman who lives behind us is named Florence so here is how I remember both their names: I picture Shirley Booth living in the grey house and Florence Henderson living in the red one. Hazel and Mrs. Brady in my neighborhood!



A special thanks to Sarah who left such lovely comments to some of my older posts. I really appreciate your kind words. Thanks.

Thanks to each of you who take the time to let me know what you are thinking...


Oh! I think you will love this blog post which was written by a friend with whom I went to high school. It's about the power which comes from just one of us allowing God to move through us. Fawn is so cool and so is her latest post!



Tracy said...

Your neighborhood looks charming, Debra!

Mrs. Mac said...

Lot of charming cottages and hobbits. It's full of character instead of cookie cutters.

Anonymous said...

Interesting and hopefully the less than charming houses will not house bad people!! (Maybe those folks just need a bit of help, eh?)
Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

Beautiful neighborhood, Debra. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Hmmm.... why is it that wherever you go - beauty seems to follow? Hmmm....

Thanks for mentioning my blog. It's so fun that we get to re-connect in this way after all these many many years.


Pat said...

So lovely to be "on the street where you live"..old song, forgive my trip down memory lane!
I love the character and beauty of neighborhoods like yours. Is that a lake at the end of the street in the first picture?
BTW, thanks for the heads up on facebook, I unfriended the not real Debra!

Anonymous said...

Your street looks friendly. A place where you can stroll and take pixs like you used to do for us and yourself. I lived vicariously through your street pictures at times. Imagining myself walking down those avenues. Our area is rather ugly and with stray dogs about etc. Not friendly to walkers. Years back..many years... I used to go out walking here and admire a house here or one there that had pretty flowers or the wife put a chair on the porch or a wreath on the door. Maybe a duck or some chickens sunning themselves among the yard's grass. Even a lazy cat ..or a goat! Times change...sadly. Enjoy your cozy comfy hobbit cottage and your neighborhood to the fullest !! :) I can hear you sighing with a smile on your faces as you relax there each day. Less cares and more fun at the new place. A new season in your lives. A new Great season. Sarah