Friday, October 14, 2011

Personalized Happiness

Years ago I'd read Miss Read's book, Time Remembered, but these sentences in the foreword practically glowed in fluorescence this time:

"As an unambitious child, I disliked this wearisome regime. I had no desire to do better than my neighbors and lacked any envy of their abilities, looks or possessions. I soon realized that what I really wanted was time to ruminate, time to observe and often time to be alone."

Oh wow. That's exactly what the farm taught me! One of the things, anyway.

What I learned there? Bigger certainly does not mean better, especially if, personally, you prefer smaller. And it's not the person who has the most stuff or money who is the wealthiest, but rather, it's the person who's living exactly how God designed them to live.

Everyday we're all spoon-fed online (and nearly everyplace else) just what it means (to worldly people) to be rich and successful and happy. So I believe it has become a necessity to remind ourselves just as often--every single day--that God has created each of us with a whole unique blend of desires, talents and callings and His ideas of success are not average ones. Uh, no.

And oh! That explains much. It explains why some people adore life inside those tiny, 200 sq. foot homes from kits. And why some folks are thrilled to live in the center of huge cities, or others, in the middle of an African field inside a hut, in the midst of people God sent them to help. It explains why some folks would rather dwell inside a tent or a lone cabin in the woods or inside an igloo.

It explains why some people find liver, yummy. Okra, too.  :)

That whole 'unique blend' God pours into us explains an awful lot and I'm thinking if we reminded ourselves of that daily, we'd understand why people do what they do and we'd stop criticizing them (or declaring them crazy) just because they're doing what we, ourselves, never, ever would. (And perhaps we'd be exposed to our own pride in those statements, you know, words like, "Why would anyone in his right mind want to live in a huge city? I never would!")

And  we might finally stop trying to attain certain things just because we've been told we should have them for happiness, fulfillment or appearances or ______ (fill in the blank). Instead, we could realize God's purposes and plans for this whole world matter and if only we would follow where He leads, even if it's to a place other people have labeled 'just awful,' we might finally know true contentment. For with God beside us, any place has potential for great joy.

Well, this is where my head has been lately. Just thought I'd let you know.


The photo? I call it, It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Autumn. That's the scene from my front window upstairs.


Oh happy day! My buddy, Dolores, sent me the most amazing link to 1940's radio music online. There's tons of stuff there to look at and listen to--50's music links, also. Be still my heart! :)  (And thanks, again, Dolores for giving that to me over at Facebook!)


Dolores said...

Great post Debra. Sometimes you put into words exactly what is in my head and can't express.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, exactly what Dolores said !