Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Perfection (Or As Close As It Gets)

So yesterday I just knew I'd find another delightful book at Dollar Tree and well, I did. It's called How To Fit a Car Seat On a Camel, edited by Sarah Franklin. As with A Matter of Choice, this book contains beautiful essays, yet these are stories about traveling with children, all humorous so far.

Wow. Another keeper book and from Dollar Tree! As God's been trying (and trying) to teach me, never assume anything, not even that Dollar Tree just sells loser books. :)

Then I stepped over to our supermarket where I meant to leave a note thanking them profusely for playing that glorious 1940's and 50's music. When someone does something you appreciate, even in businesses (or perhaps especially then), it pays to tell them so they'll keep doing it. (Hence, the reason why Tom and I watch movies in theaters when we can. It's like casting our votes for good, decent films.)

Well, anyway, I shopped for groceries and forgot to hunt around for their suggestion box/forms. Guess I'll just have to return soon. No problem, that.

Later in the day Tom drove to an estate sale, only his second one in all these 7 weeks here at Hobbit Cottage, (remember, he found the much-needed refrigerator at the last one). This time? This time he found two of those shepherd staff birdfeeder holders, $1 each (the movers lost our previous one), so I placed one outside of our kitchen sink window, the other outside of those windows you always see in my header. Filled the feeders with seed and immediately those suburb sparrows flocked them and had a party.

Would have taken the farm sparrows 24 hours to be sure it wasn't a trap.

But Tom brought something else home--perfection, nearly. See, at the end of our couch we'd been using our (small) Craftsman footstool to hold our phone and that meant scraps of Tom's phone message papers cluttered the footstool, also. Behind that, we kept a paper grocery bag to hold newspaper/squashed boxes, etc., for recycling, being the most convenient (and only) place for it.

Frankly, that end-of-the-couch area looked bad. And it was just inside the front door! Ack. So much for first impressions.

Well, here's the perfect thing which Tom drove home from the estate sale:

How fun! He'd not thought of putting it there, but oh, the tiny drawer hides all the slips of paper (pens, too), the cabinet holds the bag with recyclable paper and even a few other of Tom's clutter which had been crammed in the end table beside his chair. We're both thrilled with this improvement.

Don't you just love it when you discover an efficient piece of furniture which allows you to hide your junk and collect even more? :)

And did you notice the painting of our farm by our friend, Donna? That picture reminds me of something so special--namely, whenever I ever feel the urge to take a walk in the countryside amongst land and trees, all I must do is--inside my head--return to the farm. How simple to view myself unlatching the gate beside the barn, walking down the brick pathway I began creating in the sheep yard, then stepping through grasses (usually tall because I couldn't  keep-up with mowing) to the wicker chairs and fairy pool.

Then I can even walk farther to the back fence and almost smell that sweet, wild scent which existed only there and stand beneath the trees, inhale deeply, hear the birdsong and feel gentle breezes upon my face.

Now, following three years of having memorized that farm for a later time such as this, I can return and hike around it anytime I wish. Night or day I can wander the meadow or woods again--and not have to mow a single blade of grass.

Proving the point: we needn't own something in order to have it.

Happy, happy sigh.


"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever."   ... Psalm 118:29



Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I love to read of all these small gifts coming your way. I think the small things of everyday life are perhaps the most important. I am really glad for you, Debra....That piece of furniture Tom found is super. I think in a smaller house everything has to be able to function in more than one way, and especially in the matter of storage! This table is - literally, I think, - a Godsend!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous piece of furniture Tom found!! WOWEE!! (You would think maybe he could put his abilities to find things to a kind of job...if one can find things reasonable enough, seems they might be able to sell them at a bit of a profit...but of course, then you would need some place to store, might not work!!)

Elizabeth in NC