Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hurried Musings...

Busy, busy around here today. All the new glass block windows are in as well as two new storm doors. Tom and I are now as snug as proverbial bugs in a rug. Just in time--tomorrow we're due to be in the brrrr zone.

And yesterday I did a bit of stenciling because a.) I'd been meaning to and b.) my friend, Donna, and our mutual friend, Marian, are coming over for coffee on Friday so now I have a deadline and I work best with those. Some photos to follow, perhaps tomorrow, but don't get too excited because it's not much. Really.

I also snapped more photos of our neighborhood along with some of the river at the end of our street, but a bright yellow tour bus blocked much of the view so the water ones may have to wait. I've not told you yet, but along that river is a tall, snazzy motel. In fact, since I'm such the early bird, I can see their lighted sign way up at the top from our kitchen window on silent, dark mornings. Well, a few letters of it, anyway, and I think that's kind of spiffy. You countryside-purists may disagree, but that's all right. I had my three years of seeing only blackness outside windows during early morning hours and I've discovered I prefer street lamps, porch lights and those bright motel letters way up there in the nighttime sky.

So anyway............... Here is a better place to go today. Sara's post, I'm thinking, should become one of those forwards you email to everybody in your address book. It's that good.

More words and photos soon.............


Speaking of porch lights, yesterday our neighbors across the street decorated for Halloween (personally, I'm not a fan of Halloween decor), but! Into their two porch lights they installed something that, from over here, looks exactly like orange flames. Exactly. Now, Tom and I find those pretty darn cool. :) We're both, like, "How do they do that?" (And no, we're not talking cheesy orange crepe paper with a tiny fan, either....heh... It's something way better.)



Sara said...

Aw, thanks for the link! I wish I was coming over for coffee on Friday! (Insert Lucy Ricardo cry here...)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link...lovely words. And tho' my words would vary a bit, the gist would be the same, 39 years we past a couple weeks ago. And how the years have changed us, thanks to what GOD has done for us. We are both grateful.
Elizabeth in NC