Sunday, October 23, 2011

'Bye 'Bye Facebook

Something I thought I'd never say? I don't miss Facebook. At all.

Oh, part of me understands one reason why this could be.  Since childhood I've been--mostly--a loner. When I wanted to be one and when I didn't. It just always turns out that way and when I try to change it-- when I attempt to surround myself consistently with people, with friends--it never forms into a great thing. Always, I eventually fade from the crowds, returning to quiet rooms at home where I take deep breaths of grateful freedom.

So I'm thinking that is partly why I've not missed Facebook.

Yet during my 2 1/2 years there, I greatly enjoyed Facebook because of the opportunity for silliness (I can be overly-serious) and because it was the simplest, fastest way I'd ever discovered to encourage people. A friend would write that they needed prayer about their health/children/finances and poof! Debra flew in to let them know she'd be praying. If they needed help with something, click! I shared my availability. And the long list goes on. Encouragement at Facebook--easy, efficient, quick.

Yet here I sat this past week, not really missing those opportunities and wondering at this apparent selfishness. Could I have changed so quickly in just seven days?

Then God came along and said simply, "Debra, for goodness' sake. I never created you to become an encouragement machine."

Hmm. Now, that made sense.

At Facebook I did attempt to "dot all my encouragement i's." A few times daily I'd zip down my home page just to make certain I'd missed no one's 'needy status'. Here was my chance to encourage any of my 162 friends who might be hurting or feeling left out and I hated to skip any opportunity to cheer them and make them feel part of a group.

But what I'm feeling now? Nearly everything in this life exists for just one season and my Facebook season is over. A mostly successful and dare I say obedient season, yet I did spread myself a bit thin (as they say). Tried to be Mrs. Super Encourager, but the touch often came out too light, my words did not venture as deeply as they should have. Oh sometimes, yes, but mostly? Uh, no. I spread hundreds of tiny seeds, yet didn't take the extra time to plant them.

This past week I've noticed all the extra time I have to go deeper here at my blog and in emails (I'm nearly caught up!) and in Real Life, as well. I have time for everything I need and want to do. And that is lovely, restful even, which means I can think more clearly and listen more closely to what God would have me share with others. After all, His words and thoughts will always be the most powerful ones.

But the one thing I'll take away from Facebook is this: I so enjoyed that season while it lasted.


The photo? The two new shepherd staff hangers Tom brought home for the  birds, who adore them. The squirrels, however, have been demoted to picking through the grass for seeds. Oh, and don't forget to notice our extremely tall flagpole. Since actually hanging a flag from it would prove complicated (and would get torn up amongst the tree branches up there) we'll probably just hang another birdfeeder from the lower part. (We have the technology. heh. You have to be my age and a tv fan to understand that joke.)



Pat said...

Facebook can be wonderful/awful, a burden/joyfilled at any time. I'm glad you enjoyed it while you were there. While I am still on it, I'm not heavily into it, I prefering blogging and reading blogs. Each has its purpose, and like you so beautifully said...everything has it's season.

Elizabeth said...

I certainly will miss you on facebook Debra, but I do understand. I have not been blogging much but I plan to do more.

Anonymous said...

Always been a loner, heh, yeh I understand...tis peaceful that way!!