Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yet One More Miracle!

Oh wow (yes, again).

So there I was after two hot, humid days and untold hours out in the sun with our moving sale and dealing with hundreds of (nice) people and working like a proverbial dog and smelling like a wet sheep and aching all over. Tom put an ad in Craig's  List for free moving sale items from 2 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. today and some extra people came, including the cutest young couple ever who took lots of stuff around 6:00 (and I gave them The Have More Plan because they'd just bought a half acre in the country), but yet--even though we'd sold tons and tons of things--we still had around 15 boxes of stuff leftover, not to mention a 1970's huge orange (and heavy) chaise lounge (Naomi's) with its matching hairy orange chair.

So. I told Tom if I didn't get into the house right then and take a shower I probably would die. Then as I walked into the back porch I wondered (for the 40th time) just how we two old, achy folks were gonna pack-up and drive all that leftover stuff to Salvation Army (15 miles away) without having to make two trips (Salv. Army does not send trucks out to The Little Town in the Middle of Nowhere).

And while I was in the shower that's when the miracle happened. Yes, another miracle, two in one week! Tom was still outside when two guys from a Baptist Church drove into our driveway like Prince Charmings and said they would take all the rest of our stuff for their church's closet/pantry/store for the needy.

Oh my goodness, Tom came into the house woo-hooing, told me what happened and I nearly cried. No more concern (dare I say worry) about further pushing our poor, tired over-fifty bodies into lifting heavy boxes around yet again and loading them into our car! No need to go back outside tomorrow to rescue the remaining boxes from our upcoming rain. No more having to deal with our terrible, awful (I've so learned my lesson) junk!

May God bless those two young men profusely. I so mean that.


Epilogue:  Well. Ok, the two guys did take a lot of the stuff, but they never did return for the rest. Of course, there's always tomorrow, and they may come again (after a convicting message at church?...heh...). And too, at least now we need to take just one trip to Salvation Army although, technically, Tom has another 'everything is free' ad written up as a possibility for Craig's List tomorrow. One way or another, this stuff will be gone soon---hooray :)



K.E. said...

Yay! And yay again!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

How wonderful, Debra! I rejoice for you! I will never have the energy for a yard sale myself, but little by little I hope it will be accomplished!

Anonymous said...

WELL...great ideas for how to get rid of the "rest of the stuff"...THANKS....we may need to do the same at some point. Monday we expect to go sign up to get the nice climate controlled storage unit. That just came available and in the best, easiest spot in the place too!! So tho' we do not know other parts of the "rest of our story" yet, we figure it will enable us to pare down even easier, and we can work with that storage unit, while living in a teeny place for a time, until other parts fall into place. What a ride life sometimes is, eh?

Echoes From the Hill said...

In a tiny town, (actually an official ghost town), in Texas, on a road with little traffic, we put the stuff we didn't want at the side of the road, and put a big free sign on it and in the morning, it was all gone!

Hope you get rid of everything you don't want/need very quickly.


Margie said...

I love miracles!!!