Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

Well, guess who is thoroughly sick of stuff?

Eegads. And here I'd believed every piece of excess clutter went out to the moving sale! Nope. I found a couple bags' worth of things I'd overlooked and I was disappointed--not because of the money we could have made--but rather, the variety of stuff would have been greater for the people who, unlike me, still like to collect things. That would have meant extra smiles. Extra delight.

Oh well. I finally got out of the house yesterday when we drove to our former town, so I dropped off these extra pieces of clutter at Salvation Army.

Of course, today while I'm packing I'm also finding more things I should have sold. Gah. But you know? I'll leave some of it inside the barn. From the beginning we explained to our agent there's no way we could empty that barn--and when the buyer heard--she was fine with that. Even a tad excited to see what we would leave. :) 

Will it never end? Probably not, at least not as long as I'm living and growing and changing and vowing to continue this journey, lighter. Perhaps now both Tom and I are permanently cured of the desire to have more stuff. (I can dream anyway.)

Some good news? This afternoon--for the very last time ever--I mowed my share of our too-much lawn. Oh wow. I got all teary-eyed from the extreme joy of knowing never, ever again in my life will I mow such a large expanse of lawn. Some things we have no control over, other things we do--and this is one of them. I will continue to mow small lawns, ok, but never a large one again.

Hey, this *&^%(*# lawn has totally messed with my mind. I mean, yesterday on our drive home I'd gaze out the car window at house after house with smooth, stretch-out-forever lawns and my heart would go all fluttery. You know, like just three steps away from hyperventilating. As though I was hearing, "Tilt, tilt, tilt! Too much lawn to mow! Overwhelming memories ahead! Danger, danger Will Robinson!"

(Think I'm kidding?) Nope, no more large houses or sprawling lawns for us. No way. Nada. Unh unh. Never again in a bazillion years.

And oh, it does feel good to know oneself better. Live and learn and make changes. And be free.


Two-and-a-half days before Hobbit Cottage is officially ours! (But it's not like I'm counting the days or anything....)



Donetta said...

hi honey
watching this process is a wonderful thing. Your spirit leading your mind into peace as your doing what needs be accomplished down the road your on.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I'm really in awe at all you have accomplished (with Grace) these last months and weeks......Soon you'll be beginning a new adventure, and if there is another move in your future, it will be MUCH easier!Or you may stay happily in the hobbit house for years and years. What you're accomplishing now is wonderful!

Judy said...

So I won't tell you about my wonderful trip to the antiques flea market yesterday...
I am SOOO excited to follow the continuing adventures of Tom and Debra!