Monday, August 15, 2011

Decluttering--How Sweet It Is

Remember how I said no more posts about decluttering?

I lied. (Big, fat liar, Debra!)

Oh wow. I totally recommend decluttering your home. Tom and I have gone through every single drawer, cupboard, closet and attic in this house and carried out to our carport every piece of unwanted, unneeded, unloved objects.

Letting go just feels so darn good!

The more I give away, the lighter and freer I feel. The less overwhelmed and bogged down and worried.

And I'm more grateful than ever that Tom and I have bought an 860 sq. ft. house (with a 400 sq. ft. dry, clean basement), for with that house will come instant discipline. We simply won't be able to bring so much home from yard sales anymore lest we crowd ourselves out and become candidates for Hoarders. (Gah!)

I remember going through various stages during the earlier decades of my life: the shopping for furniture stage,  the clothes-shopping stage, the searching for collectibles stage, the shopping as comfort stage (and on and on). But now? That all feels so in the Past. In fact, I think I've shopped at thrift stores just three times in the past three years, though yes, I shopped a ton of yard sales. Yet that stage, too, I feel fading. Bittersweet yes, but to everything there is a season.

No, over in Hobbit Cottage we'll concentrate on attending activities where we bring home fun memories rather than fun stuff. How good that sounds to me and already I'm anticipating all that fun, especially since we'll have fewer cares at home, making us downright footloose and fancy-free which is a quite nice way to be now that we're in our fifties.

Tom and I are unable to carry and care for as much as we once did so this lightening our load feels quite sweet.



Anonymous said... too!! Our interests have faded down to just a very few time to jetison the rest! Tho' we are a few years ahead of you, age-wise.

Rita said...

Even though I'm not moving and staying in my small home I am loving the decluttering. Like you are I feel the load lighter and more money in my pocket. I like to get a little ice cream or eat lunch or dinner out. How nice I can afford to do that now that I'm not buying things. I get most of my books at the library so I enjoy them and take them back and no clutter. I have my book collection with just the books I really look at and enjoy. How fun to be free with much less to clean. I can feel your joy.

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

It is nice having a clean slate(your new home) when thinking about decluttering. Also made me think of The FLYLADY's plan of action of getting rid of things and also...for things your bring in the home(besides food) to get rid of something.
Happy moving!
Take care,
Nancy aka Mommy 2