Sunday, August 14, 2011

1940's I'll See You Soon

In September when we move to Hobbit Cottage, I will be moving back to the 1940's.

I'll wear aprons again, maybe even skirts (!) and leave out my 1930's and 40's magazines as though they were current fare. Upstairs in Peace-Blue Haven I'll play Andy Williams records, Glen Miller cd's, and old radio program tapes. I'll watch Leave It To Beaver and I Love Lucy and perhaps I'll dance up there, too, just in the room's center, though, where the ceiling is tall enough. And then I'll grab an old-fashioned book from my tiny library at the top of the stairs and read and dream awhile longer, then perhaps I'll even write a few snail mail letters. Who knows?

In the three years we've lived on this farm I've driven our car maybe just 20 times (though I may be exaggerating), but look-out when we move! I'll often  drive the 2 or 3 miles to town and drink coffee at the supermarket alone while looking through magazines. I'll visit the Dollar Tree and window shop through Target. I'll take my time and no longer have to stand outside waiting for Tom to come get me and our groceries.

Then I'll return home with a 1940's lifestyle in full swing and store my extra groceries below in the basement in the cupboards of the 1920's kitchen I'll have created down there. Winter stock-up will be more fun than ever, filling the Hoosier cabinet, the 1800's pie cabinet and the old white hutch, all which will surround our 1930's formica table.

One of the many things I've learned on this farm? Know yourself well. And realize that--if something about your life isn't working--you can fix it. Do what you can to make changes and then God will do the rest. Often He can't move until we take that first step of faith and then He dances right along beside us until we reach a world better suited for us. A world whose slogan is, "And they all lived happily ever after."


A special thanks to Anne for her Facebook message to me which inspired this post.


"Yes, come," Jesus said. So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus."  ... Matthew 14:29

First, Peter stepped out of the boat and then Jesus held him up on top of the water. No getting out of the boat = no excitement of walking on water.


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Rita said...

I love this! Makes me want to come along. Helps the rest of us see how we can make changes and that so our lives will be more what we intended and less of what they are. My life is spent with to much time reading blogs, not having time to give my pup a bath as often as she needs one. Or, read my bible and devotionals like I could. I don't have my priorities right yet. I can't wait to hear more.