Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You Talked Me Into It....

All right... for all my fellow house lovers, here's the house we're considering: Isn't it cute? (Though the photo makes the property and the house look much larger than they are in reality. A special realtor camera lense, hmm?) The house has 1020 sq. feet and sits on .19 acre. The red barn/garage is included and has automatic garage doors. It says the house was built in 1860, which seems older than it looks, but the whole town is ancient like that and what with the barn, that could easily be right.

And see? There's a 10 x 12 Florida room on the back. Love that! Now, the house has just two bedrooms but....drum roll... it also has an office which would be mine(!)

Sweet! I would line the walls with bookshelves, but of course. Lest you're wondering what Tom would get, he'd have the largest of the two bedrooms for his man cave.

There's even an entryway/foyer at the house's front...
And look at this sweet dining room. Adorable, huh?
And the kitchen has oak cabinets--plenty of them. All appliances, even the washer and dryer, are included with the house.
There's also a partial basement. And to top it all off, this house is in one of those towns in the midst of rolling farmland and barns and it all zooms you back to the 1930's, with tall brick buildings from the 1800's lining the main street and there's even a drive-in movie theater with an ice cream parlor! We saw many elderly people out working in their pretty yards and to really top it all off, the house is just less than $50,000.

Well, we did a 'drive by' today and although the house seems a bit squeezed-in between the neighbors (and part of the driveway is shared), the yard is still a thousand times better than the one we had in the suburbs and a million times more sane than we currently have here. But alas, we've still not walked through the house and that would be the deciding thing. We've alerted Cher The Real Estate Lady and either she'll take us to see it or send along a referral to someone.

But one thing! You must promise me not to get your heart set on this cute little place, ok? We really, really like what we've seen so far and most of the houses on the block (a dead end street) were well-kept.. But across from the house there were what appeared to be two rentals, one of them was large and nice but another was small and not so nice, with a torn-up car in the driveway. Sooo... we'd like to talk to the very-friendly-looking neighbor who we saw during our drive-by just to see what he says...

So there you go!


Well, folks.... Tom and I are already reconsidering. Gah. The house and yard are about as perfect as it gets and the town is beyond cool, but the neighborhood just didn't feel right. We think it would be too noisy, not only with the renters across the street, but sitting inches beside the white barn there's an above ground pool from behind one house and that's not even counting the house we'd share the driveway with. So, as I said, we're rethinking it. Just thought I'd warn you, but anyway, you now have an idea of what we're looking for house and yard-wise. :)

(This still isn't to say it's completely out of the picture...)


Two of our potential buyers today were the most enthusiastic, funniest people! The kind of people who I wished we could have for friends. Their realtor was late so I was able to show them all over the yard and throughout the barn. Jane really wants to keep a horse and was disappointed when I said you must have 10 acres here in order to do so. So she wants to either hide a horse in the woods or see about leasing another 6 acres behind our property(!) She was a hoot, a very passionate, fun woman and her husband was cool and great at humoring her wildest plans. :) I very much enjoyed spending time with them and even as Tom and I drove away later we noticed them inside their car parked in the street, staring at our place just as we did before we bought it....


Donetta said...

life is but a glorious adventure
have fun in the midst of it

Echoes From the Hill said...

That house looks like it might be perfect for you. It is "vintage" but very traditional.

Maybe you could buy the rental across the street, some day, for investment property.

I can't believe there are still nice houses available for so little money.
If it is meant to be, it will be!


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh that is precious. And I noticed the sun room! Oh yes!!!

but I also understand about not getting too set, as yet. Good luck with talking to the neighbors. I'd think that would be a wise thing to do anyway. With or without the questions, about across the street.


Judy said...

I just love Love LOVE it that you take us along on your journeys!

K- said...

Actually, you only need 5 acres in your town to have a horse. You need 10 acres to have a chicken or any other "farm animals" but a horse can be kept on 5 (unless they've changed the zoning since we were there - and no, it never made sense to me either).

Tracy said...

Oh, it's adorable, Debra!!

Odie Langley said...

I'm confused, is this in your same area?

Debra said...

Thanks, Everyone! Glad you liked the little house, too. :) I'm thinking I would only get it if we could take Cher with us and if she'd give us her *honest* opinion about the neighborhood. Otherwise-- as I told Tom--forget it. (But mostly, I've already moved on to a certain house in our former town.)

Odie--to answer your question, that little house is 24 miles away from our present farmhouse. It's in an old Erie Canal town we've visited a few times over the years because they have a cute old-fashioned diner there. :)

Thanks again, Everyone! ...Debra

Anonymous said...

Wow, it is a beautiful place...but you are wise to consider the neighbors as well!!

BLessings, Elizabeth