Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Update From a Near-Zombie

Sob story for the day... We spent an hour-and-a-half walking through our favorite pretty house, loved it to pieces, then Cher called the agent representing the house to ask a question and discovered that, good grief! The guy had failed to mention in the listing that the house was yet one more "short sale." (If you don't know what that means, you can look it up online.) Gah! We've run across many short sale houses due to Today's economy and they usually require whole months to straighten-out their details--and even then--you're gambling on getting in within 6 months, or so.

And oh my, we have 6 days and certainly not 6 months!

So you should have heard Cher give that guy 'the what for' over the phone. Which he totally deserved, actually (I was proud of her). We're talking Real Estate 101 here.--you always make a note for everyone to see that it's a short sale. Always.

For Pete's Sake.

As for the other house I showed you--it was adorable. A real-life 'Blondie House' as I've wished for for, well, forever. But for reasons too lengthy to go into here, we're saving it for an In-A-Pinch-Down-To-The-Wire possiblity.

Why? Long story. Maybe I'll share it with you someday.

But basically? We realized later today we've deviated from our original plan which was to downsize to a simple little house with a sane yard so we could put our financial affairs in order and well, have some fun out and about since we'd not be chained to a huge yard or a house needing tons of work. And then move out-of-state when the right time arrived.

Oh, but my, my, my....  we keep wandering from that simple plan!

So it's back to the drawing board. The story continues. And Tom and Debra hope they'll someday get off the farm where they no longer belong.

They also hope that God will not do the ol' Swoop In At The Last Minute thing for which He is so very well-known.



Oh, Elizabeth's comment reminded me that I need to clarify something. We have six days in which to find a house before our contract with our buyers expires. Although, I have a feeling they'd extend it one week if we needed them to (they want our house so badly!). But whatever, we will have two full months afterward  in which to still live here and get ready to move. The escrow process in New York always takes that long when you're dealing with a home loan (as our buyers are). Though Cher said when there's only cash involved, it can be half as long.


debi said...

I've so enjoyed vicariously living you real estate hunting journey!
Cannot wait to see where "we" end up living :)

Debra said...

Debi--oh, your "where we end up living" made me laugh! Thank-you! I so needed that. Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

SIX days?? Are you thinking of renting or maybe in an extended stay place for a little while?? Wow...this is truly being on a limb needing a quick deliverance!! You know, if you wrote a book this would be a pretty good plot eh?

Well, closed doors though frustrating, are for our ultimate good (I keep reminding myself of this too!!) Our saga continues too...

Blessings, Elizabeth in NC

Mrs. Mac said...

God works in mysterious ways. I hope your buyers extend if needed. My hubby used to say we weren't moving unless God drove up in a U-Haul .. After he witnessed me flipping out in public once (at the bank) for finding every counter sign in Spanish and nobody speaking English .. he took that as a sign as I 'pushed' his MOVE BUTTON.

With God .. it's all about trust and His timing. I'll say a prayer that you find the exact home He wants you to have.

K.E. said...

Perhaps you addressed this and I missed it - what about renting? Maybe? God is trying to bypass buying right now?
Easier to get out of rental when it's time to move to NC :)

Debra said...

Thanks, Everyone!

Since we have no idea how long we'll be staying in New York, we didn't want to use-up the money we'll receive from selling this house by renting. Would seem like such a waste and basically, at this time, it's all we have.

So we wish to put it into a house and believe that God will help us sell it when the time comes to move away. And hey.... He did that this time (sold it for us in 4 days to the first person who called about it. Last year I thought it would take two years, especially since we have just one bathroom.)

So as we've learned, when God wants something to happen, it will happen--as long as we move according to His timing (my original plan was to put it up for sale next Spring--good grief! My plans seem to never be right so it's a good thing I've got God to talk some sense into me!)

Thanks again for your concern and for following the adventure! ...Debra