Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today's Adventure

Oh my.

Remember when we drove by this house, then I showed you some photos from the real estate listing?:

Well, we drove all the way out there again (we're talking deep, deep countryside), but this time we met Cher Our Real Estate Agent there and when the three of us stepped inside this tiny house, well, oh dear-- love at first sight. Serious love, even. Though you know? It felt more like a reunion, for through the photos I'd already come to love those rooms.

Some houses just speak to you and as Cher said, this one had really pleasant mojo or vibes or whatever you wish to call it. For me, it had the cottage-y feeling I've longed for twenty years. And while Tom strolled around taking photos of every minor problem (and not saying much of anything positive...sigh...) Cher and I stepped from cute, adorable room to  cute, adorable room, sharing decorating plans and ideas and suggestions.

It's such a delight to visit an old, old house with a kindred spirit who loves them, too.

But uh-oh, when we found the second bedroom (after actually searching for it, but I enjoyed that part), my heart sank. As Tom stated, it's more like half a bedroom. Not even enough room for two twin beds! And since the (plenty large) master bedroom would be Tom's man cave, well, this one 'small detail' could be a deal breaker.

Except that I have solutions galore, of course. Always have a back-up plan, I say.

Yet I walked you too quickly past my favorite part -- the office off of the kitchen. Here was the room Tom and I had talked about creating at our farmhouse, but never did, the sunny little room which would help me survive any winter. Dreamy, dreamy little room with built-in cupboards, even! All right there inside that tiny house.

Speaking of built-ins, this house had closets and cupboards galore, even a canning jar cupboard in the basement. And oh--get this--the barn/garage even had horse troughs on the back wall! That charmed all of us, but of course. Horse troughs in a barn on a city

Then when Cher used the term, "Danger, danger Will Robinson" in a sentence, Tom laughed and I looked at Cher and said, "Oh! I say that all the time and I didn't think anyone else did!" I've always considered Cher a kindred spirit, but that cinched it forever.   (Give yourself ten points if you know which tv show that is referencing.)

Oh, those hours in a whole other land were great fun, but it was hard, too, for Tom isn't certain about that house. He was for awhile, but he goes back and forth, back and forth, and I've given up trying to convince him how much I believe this to be the right place for us. God will have to do that for He does it best. Or He'll have to lead us to another place altogether (which Tom will need to find online because--whereas my favorite pasttime game used to be house-searching, now I cannot stand it. Cannot. Stand. It.

So what will I do in the meantime? I'll keep arranging our furniture within that tiny house inside my head,making a place for everything, tossing away everything unimportant. And believing that if we but listen, we'll hear the right way to go. And all will be well.


Oh, and Tom and I spoke to the neighbor on the right of the house, an older man who seemed as nice as can be. He said the neighbors across the street are fine and the neighborhood, as a whole, is a quiet one. Plus, Cher looked things over for us and said it didn't look bad at all, and too, for being a Saturday and surrounded by so very many houses it was incredibly quiet. (Mostly what I heard from the beginning was tons of birdsong and who doesn't love that?)


Anonymous said...

I remember way back in the recesses of my brain, to a time when a barn that had had horses in it was a deal breaker for my folks. Seems they felt that there was too much chance of falling ill if we got accidently scratched by a nail, etc. I remember how sad I felt!! I LOVED the big old house that came with it.

Did you ever find out anything about the neighbors? Nothing wrong with being poor...but sometimes it is worse than that. (And even being in a fairly high class neighborhood might not spare you the "barking dogs till you have migraines"!!!)

Sometimes GOD will give a man reasons NOT to go with what we does pay to go with his feelings. However, this place is really cute, no doubt about that. And at least your realator has an even better idea of what kind of place you like!!

Blessings, Elizabeth in NC

Debra said...

Elizabeth--thanks for reminding me about the neighbors! I added a note to my post about them. Thanks again....Debra

jodi said...

We bought our current house after my husband met the neighbors. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Anonymous said...

Is hubby feeling any different after meeting a neighbor?? We are thinking about MANY different places, etc. for our next place of abode, so am enjoying watching your search as well!! Thanks for sharing.

Blessings, Elizabeth in NC