Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh Brother...

...and oh good grief. Tom wants to buy this house, below.It's located in a smallish country town we like (mostly) and is under $70,000 so we could swing it by pulling in money from here, there, everywhere, but sheesh. It has no bedrooms downstairs:

...but it does have a large family room which could be Tom's bedroom and Man Cave. And because of the 12-foot ceilings ($$$ in winter) we'd have to close-up all the rooms upstairs during cold months and I'd have to move my Mom Cave downstairs to one of the two front parlors.

Not to even mention that it seems ridiculous and plain ludicrous for two little 5' 2" Hobbit-type folks to buy such a huge place (2750 sq. feet) and ramble around in it. (But oh, the blog fodder, huh?)

This is the third such house he's tried to talk me into buying.

Oh, my poor aching head....

Make it stop! Please make the insanity stop.  :)

(At one point I told him, "Oh just go ahead and call Cher and tell her we'll take it. I just want this to be over!  ...........But I have a feeling that's not the right reason for buying a house.....hmmmm?)


I'd consider this house (maybe) if Naomi could rent some rooms from us, but alas, it's nowhere near where her jobs are located.


Don't be confused. If you thought we were supposed to be downsizing, you are right. That was the original plan. Sigh.


Tracy said...

It definitely has charm and the interior is just darling! :)

K.E. said...

What is it about these three [type] houses that is so appealing to Tom? Maybe if you can get a sense of exactly what that is - you can look for a compromise...?

Blondie's Journal said...

I think it's a great house, very cute! I understand it's a little big, I guess I am just used to living in a small home and would like a larger one! I wish you a lot of luck in your decision!


Pearl said...

Love this house Debra! as long as you get rid of all those acres of yours go for it! What decorating fun that would be. I know I'm terrible but if I really love something I'm going for it. To heck with being resonable :) I'm bad ;/

Echoes From the Hill said...

Sorry, but I think Tom has great taste! It's a great looking house, and when the market recovers, it will definitely increase in value.
The nice thing about two story houses is that you can close the registers in rooms you are not using. If this house has two parlors, why not turn them into a bedroom for each of you.
That way, the living room could still be used for that purpose.
I live in a house that size, and close off the registers, and close the doors in the rooms, upstairs, that we don't use.
The woodwork in that photo is spectacular
That house definitely has charm!
Wasn't it the four acres that were overwhelming, not the size of the house?
If it is meant to be, it will be.

Echoes From the Hill said...

Oh my gosh! I just noticed the window, on the stair landing! Gorgeous. This appears to be a quality house. The woodwork is just awesome, too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a beautiful house and I can't believe the price (I'm in Canada).
It's very nice to have space and high ceilings are great and you could install ceiling fans. They really help.


Judy said...

Oh. My. Goodness.
At least you wouldn't have to MOW the inside!

Anonymous said...

Oh sure you want to work that hard?? Beautiful, but wow, a lot of housework it looks like!! But if you enjoy it, then go for it!!

We are thinking about not having stairs. Just going to the garage from the house in ours has been scary enough at times. Sometimes people build stairs at odd intervals...and we trip!!
Blessings on the looking and finding, Elizabeth in NC