Friday, May 27, 2011

For My Fellow House Hunters

So. Are you familiar with Trulia?

Truly, Trulia is my favorite way to house hunt online. All you do is pick a town in which you'd like to live, google its name, comma, its state abbreviation, comma, Trulia. You can also add 'overview' if you like.

Then click on the first thing that pops up and voila! That's when the magic happens. You'll be shown tons of acreage and houses for sale in your town of choice. No strings attached. No signing away your private information or your firstborn. heh.

At least, that's what I've discovered this past year while using Trulia. Sooo much easier than trying to find realtors online for a specific area and having to fill out forms and jump through hoops just to view houses for sale. If you find a house by way of Trulia, you can always contact a realtor later--usually a few are given below the house listings.

Plus, after I used the 'share with a friend' feature last week, Trulia now sends me similar houses to look at in my email box. Wow! It's like they are doing the searching work for me. Gotta love that.

I say all that because 1.) I know some of you, too, are searching for a new-to-you home and 2.) Today Trulia sent our dream house right to my email box.

Oh. My. Goodness. It's 95 percent perfect! It would be 100 percent right if it had a sun room and the price was a tad lower (being a professional cheapskate). Perhaps it has a sunny room?

And well, it you'd like to see my idea of the perfect house for Tom and myself, you can take a little walk-by and walk-through here.

Ahhh.... Love at first sight. Well, except for the Pepto-Bismal dining room. Eegads! Oh well, every house must have its What-Were-They-Thinking feature. I think it's a law now. :)

Anyway, playing house-hunting on Trulia is my favorite game. I thought you might like to play, too.


If you click on 'view large photos' then look below the picture that first pops up, you'll see how the house looks with the trees full of leaves. It's a pleasant difference (but then, isn't it always?)


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

That was fun! :-) Marvelous. Didn't realize you were looking for 4 bedrooms, though.

Does it have A/C, since it's in NC? NC weather has to be warmer in summer, than ours is, right? And even in NYS, it gets pretty hot/humid, now.

Have fun with your searching!!! And have a peaceful Memorial Day Weekend.


Debra said...

Thanks, Aunt Amelia! Technically we've been looking at 3-bedroom homes--one as a master bedroom, then one bedroom for Tom's stuff (a man-cave maybe?) and one guest room/office for me. But hey, I'll take four bedrooms if I can get them for the price of three! :) There was also a bonus room mentioned.....!

And yes, it has central air-conditioning. I'm hoping/thinking most houses in NC will(?)

Glad you found it fun to look--so did I! :) Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

CHARLOTTE?? Really?...HUGE city...but if that is what you like. Also, they get LOTS of storms there...we decided after a trip or 2 via that airport that we would depart from other places!! They loaded us up on a plane that had been hit by lightening prior to landing, set us out for a couple hours all loaded up while they checked stuff out, ran out of water, and COOKED AC (in the middle of summer). Guess that REALLY helped us not to want to depart from there again!! By the time I reached Seattle, I almost could not walk off the plane...I did not know my legs could hold so much fluid, nearly croaked me. Memorable trip.

Our area is a better climate, but not cheap. Actually, many storms pass by us...will go to places within an hour of us...but often we do not even get a drop of water. I guess it might be why so many golf courses are here. But it is hot and humid for a lot of the year too.

Hubby and I have gone on a trip up in the NC mountain areas...which are SO beautiful and a nicer climate, but alas...many rich folk think so too...could not find anything even close to our budget. The foothills towns are cheaper and still a bit cooler than here. I hope you find a good place...looks like a nice helpful site for searching..thank you!!
Blessings, Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

This site is nice. Too bad it doesn't include Canada. I can't believe how inexpensive houses are in the U.S.A.


Julie in Texas said...

Trulia is great! I used a different search engine before last year, but it got too weird to use, and then I found Trulia. Well, if this is the right house, you can always add a sunroom, bargain down the price and re-paint! :)