Monday, April 18, 2011

Upon The Stage of Life

So, over the weekend, did I change the world? Write the great American novel? Give a life-changing speech before thousands?

Nah, I took McCartney the Cat to the vet, shopped for groceries and watched those Britain's Got Talent videos (going through half a box of kleenex) which I gave you in my last post.

And that's about it.

But you know? It was enough, especially watching the videos because it felt as though God wanted me to view them. As though He sat beside me, pointing at things things I needed to be reminded of.

Like, those two presenters, Ant and Dec, who interview the contestants, show them where to stand on stage and make comments in front of the backstage camera. Are those guys adorable or what? They show obvious gladness when a contestant does well. When they are delighted with a performance they say so, holding nothing back as people are known to do when jealousy rears its ugly green head.They don't quip, "He was pretty good, except when he messed-up in those three (barely noticeable) spots." No, these young men rejoice with those who rejoice, reveling in a moment belonging to someone who is not them.

I love watching that as much as the remarkable performers. How sweet, how refreshing to see such a thing in today's world, to hear no envy in a person's voice tones or expressions. Just a happy sort of congratulations given in pure form.

(Now, if you've read anywhere that those two young men, in their spare time, rob banks and kick their neighbors' dogs, well, don't tell me. I do not wish to know.) :)

And something else? Those Britain's Got Talent videos remind me a bit of what Heaven may be like. I mean, all those people glowing with talents so obviously given by God! And then the applause, the appreciation shown after their performances. Well, it all reminds me of how, in Heaven, the greatest praise will be given to God for who He is, what He gave us and what He did through us. And also, appreciation will be shown to all who faithfully used what God handed them, faithfully gave out what they were given within.

How good to just do what we're meant to do simply because we're meant to do it.

And the applause from others will come someday for each of us, perhaps never upon this Earth, though. Or maybe just in tiny ways. We're not to seek it here, anyway, we're not to rely upon praise to keep us using our talents, to keep us blessing others. But in Heaven, it will come.

Yet in the meantime? God, always, is our Audience of One. He's daily in our corner cheering us on, aiding us, actually stepping upon the stage with us to help us do whatever He's asked us. Encouraging, guiding, enabling--He's doing it all, 24/7. All that He asks is our willingness and the use of the talents He gave us in the first place.

From beginning to end, it's all of Him.


"And David encouraged himself in the Lord." ... 1 Samuel 30:6

"Let your light shine beforfe men so they will glorify your Father in Heaven."


Here's another post about just doing what we're called to do, even without an audience.


I especially enjoyed Ant and Dec's reactions to this performer.

Oh to be genuinely happy, even giddy, for those who receive what we dearly desired for ourself for so long!


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Odie Langley said...

We would sure be a pitiful mess with Him.