Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

1.) Remember how I listen to French music on my old kitchen radio? Well, I'm still in love with that station, in fact, those tunes helped yank me through February and March, my "Book of Job" months (as I'm not-so-fondly calling them). Music from the 1930's, 40's and way beyond, all types of lovely styles, all transforming my kitchen into a whole other land. Yesterday they pretty much camped in the 1940's (huge happy sigh). You can listen here.

2.) See these organic creamers?

Can you believe I paid only 29 cents for each? They were on sale for 1.79 and I had two coupons from online for 75 cents off, which, when doubled, meant I got 1.50 off of each creamer. (See why I love coupons?) On the same trip we bought, with 2 doubled coupons, a pound of cheese for $2--and since it was Tom-approved, it must have been good cheese. One of my favorite places to find hundreds of coupons? Here.

3.) I finished reading Finding Martha's Place and it was incredibly inspiring! If you enjoy hardship-to-happiness autobiographies you'll appreciate this one. What an incredible example of God being able to heal someone so hurt, so abused by life! Wow. (Read about the book here.)

4.) Oh! And for those of you who were interested in the banana candy, Naomi bought us some more. Here is a photo:

(Click to enlarge.) She buys it from an Asian health food store. This stuff looks like chocolate and is just as addictive. Doesn't really taste like bananas, though--the taste is indescribable. Each chewy, delightful piece is individually wrapped. And yummy.

5.) Through one of those Britain's Got Talent videos I shared with you, I discovered an amazing old-fashioned cd by the long ago singer, Vera Lynn. Oh my! Those types of songs are exactly what I've been searching for--they will fit these old farmhouse rooms perfectly. When I earn my next online survey paycheck, Vera Lynn will sooo be on her way to my house. (If you click on the link, scroll down to hear snippets of those perfect songs by clicking on 'preview all songs'.)

6.) This week Mr. and Mrs. Mallard Duck landed upon our winter lake and splashed around and swam and took a stroll. Tom and I pasted ourselves against the windows and felt enchanted.

7.) Each day I get totally free things in my email box! Well, Shop 4 Freebies sends me a daily email with at least 5 things I can have mailed to my home, etc. Yesterday some free popcorn arrived along with a can of Ocean Spray's new carbonated beverage. Fun! (No credit card is required for these offers.) It's nice that, in this world, there are still free things that come with no strings attached.

8.) For three days our house has been in a cloud bank. Come on sun--I know you're out there somewhere! :)


Have a problem with insecurity/shyness/feeling bad about yourself? Have past hurts kept you back from God's best for your life? This may help. A lot.


Odie Langley said...

Found some good deals at the coupon site, thanks.

K.E. said...

Debra - http://www.divavillelounge.org/

From Tin Pan Alley to the swing era, all the best songs and singers are on the Divaville Lounge. Every Sunday from 2-4 pm on WXDU Durham, 88.7 fm. Or listen online at wxdu.org.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...thanks for the ideas!

Blessing, Elizabeth in NC

Laurie said...

Create a Pandora account on your computer and set up a station that will play some Vera Lynn! I have a Frank Sinatra station and I am pretty sure there have been some selections by Vera Lynn played.

Laurie S.