Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snail Mail Days Are Here Again

.....well, sorta. It's the anticipation of opening my old-fashioned mailbox that is actually here again.

Why? Because of the free stuff which arrives in there wrapped inside cute little packages. Free stuff They (whoever They are) send to me with no strings attached, including no request for my credit card number, either. Those "free" offers can be, well, trouble.

What I've found is that companies like WalMart(forgive me) and Target and the ones who package your favorite foods and products are just itching to send you free items and coupons for free stuff to your snail mail box. No postage required, just absolutely free. So I've been signing up for all this (truly) no-cost-to-me stuff (well, all the ones I can use) thanks, in great part, to the people I mentioned here who alert me to free offers by way of my Facebook homepage (though you can sign up for email alerts, instead, if you prefer).

So I thought I'd give you a sampling of the gifts which make me anticipate walking down our country driveway to our mailbox, items which make me smile when I open them at our dining room table and feel rather Christmas-like on normal ol' days:

Coupons for 2 free cups of coffee from Dunkin Donuts
A coupon for one full-size CoffeeMate Coffee Creamer (3.99)
A small box with a variety of Cheezit Crackers
A small package of Kleenex
3 pouches of Purina One cat food (and additional coupons)
A coupon for a free 99 cent package of Ruffles potato chips
5 samples of flavored Nescafe instant coffee
2 Atkins snack bars, 1 meal bar
A coupon for a free can of Chef Boyardee pasta
A coupon for a can of Chicken of the Sea tuna
A package of vanilla coffee (we made five cups from it)
A coupon for free Yoplait yogurt
And the best one-- From Target, a free zippered make-up bag with samples of shampoo, conditioner, lipstick and lotion. Also came with $25 worth of coupons. Fun, huh?

Most of these arrived over our long winter and probably helped save my sanity. :) Just thought I'd share these and possibly inspire some of you. It seems that, yes, there are some things in this modern-day life which still really are free.

Imagine that.


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