Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just Dreaming...

So did you notice I changed my header? Just couldn't stand looking at all that snow even one more day. Let's all simply pretend our house and yard look like that photo, above, on this very day, ok? :)

Speaking of photos, I'll include two here, below, of houses for sale in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the current place of Tom's and my house-hunting online. Why not Mount Airy as I've talked about here for weeks? Well, a friend (hi Wilma!) mentioned she would move to Mount Airy in a heartbeat if only they had the specialized medical facilities she and her husband require. Which reminded me--hey! I am married to Mr. In Need of Specialized Medical Facilities and there's no way we're going to travel 30 miles just to go to his doctor appointments. So, well, now we're considering Winston-Salem and you know? I'm fine with that. Must be good ol' Grace again.

Anyway, these two houses, below, are both only around $36,000(!) Aren't they just the cutest things ever? (Click to enlarge.)

There are lots of photos included with the top house, including the street it's on, which resembles a very friendly-looking country-ish road, lots of trees, the type of street probably on the outskirts of town since I don't believe I saw any sidewalks. (I'll go back and check.)

Winston-Salem has tons of houses in the 35,000 - 60,000 range in neighborhoods of all sorts, good-and-friendly and not-so-good-not-so-friendly. We are believing for a cheap house in the former.

Anyway, I'm sharing these solely for your viewing pleasure. As always, take any mentions of our moving to a whole other state with proverbial grains of salt. :)



2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

OH Debra...
Its fun to "dream along" with you.
I do like your new header picture...winter is dragging along where I live in the Rocky Mountains...we get a "little spring" for maybe 5 minutes each day(aka ...sunshine) We never expect spring until May...sometimes we just take any sunshine when can get. The plus is we have almost no humidity in the summer (when we do get it) LOL 8-)
Take care & thanks for blogging. 8-)

Mommy 2

Debra said...

Mommy 2 --your area sounds very much like where we used to live in the mountains of California. If you planned a picnic before Memorial Day, well, you had much faith! heh... Spring arrived so very early here last year--in the middle of March--and totally spoiled all of us. But hooray! It's looking like Spring is trying oh so hard to stay--and she just may make it this time. :)

Thanks for letting me know you are enjoying the house search! Most likely we won't move until next year but in the meantime, it's always fun to dream of other adventures. :) Thanks for commenting!