Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ol' Debra gets out of the house today! Tom has a chiropractor appointment so he'll drop me off at a supermarket on the quiet edge of the Town of Niagara and I will use all those coupons from my computer and the Sunday newspaper and get cheap groceries. I heard that last month contained a huge rise in groceries nationwide, but I didn't even notice. All my coupons saved me all that cash.

Oh, and last night the strangest thing happened.

There Tom and I were, watching an old Rockford Files episode (via Netflix), when an old friend, who we visited with at his wife's yard sale last summer, called. He asked Tom if we were still considering selling our house. Well, Tom told him yes (even though technically we're thinking more like next year), and our friend went on to say a man in our immediate area has a large house on lots of acres, but he wants to downsize, like, right away. So he asked if we'd like him (our friend) to give the guy our phone number and Tom said, sure.

Wow. A surprising, out-of-the-blue phone call like that must mean something. Perhaps these three things:

1. Maybe God wants us to move to a warmer state this year instead. I've certainly felt crazy-anxious to get out of here lately, what with this winter that will not quit. But alas, I've learned not to trust those types of feelings. Yet God can and does use those types of feelings sometimes (remember when I felt claustrophobic in the suburbs toward the end?) so perhaps that was a sign that God is serious about our moving away. Now. Timing is always so vital with Him, I've noticed.

2. Maybe this is a test. Would we sell this house if we get an offer, even if we truly believe we're meant to move next year, instead? Or do we even really know whether we should move this year or next? Are we thinking next year only because it sounds easier to put off tomorrow what God wants us to do today, appealing to our extreme procrastination tendencies? Hmmm.....

3. Or maybe it's just a confirmation from God that--when the right time comes to sell this place--He can make it happen snap! Just like that. His plans do not have to be hard; generally, we as people make them all complicated and hard. Perhaps that phone call was simply to remind us God is bigger than all our own plans--so what matters--is to stay oh-so-tuned into Him. About everything.

Isn't Life amazing? Especially when you're standing at the very edge of Springtime after a long winter. We've had a string of oh-so-sunny days, though very cold ones, yet still I've put on my long black wool coat and walked around our soggy yard in great anticipation of the busy days to come in my gardens. Oh, how I feel all that dirt and those dried-up flowers whispering for my hands to pull and dig amongst them.

Oh my. I can hardly wait!


Wow. Have you ever tried organic banana candy? Naomi bought us some and oh my! It's nearly as good as chocolate and just about as addictive. It even looked like a big chocolate bar when she brought it home, though each dark little piece is individually wrapped with clear plastic. I highly, highly recommend banana candy, though really, it doesn't take like bananas. It tastes more like fun and heaven and dark chewy comfort. Ahh.... :)


Elizabeth said...

That does sound good Debra,especially since I cannot wait for you to be closer to me so we can actually meet in person!

Lori Alexander said...

What is the name and brand of that banana candy andcwhere did she get it? Sounds like something I would LOVE!

Debra said...

Elizabeth--aww, you are too sweet. :)

Lori--alas! I was afraid someone would ask that. See, I threw away the main clear plastic wrapper and I have no idea of the name of the company. Naomi had never bought it before so I doubt she would know--but I'll ask, ok? Most likely she got it in the health food section of our local Wegman's market. It must be very natural otherwise she wouldn't buy it for us--heh.

Later when I get home I'll look around online and see if I can find something similar and then I'll link to it here. Really, this stuff is sooo good and yes, I do think you'd like it, too! :)

Thanks, Ladies! ....Debra

Mary said...

I like option three! Perhaps your one-more-year feeling was to just get you through the rest of this winter without ants in your pants. Hope it works out with your buyer.

Odie Langley said...

You got my interest on the banana candy as well so if you can come up with it I would love to have it.
I hope you two decide to move south and get out of the freezer.

Carol Look EFT said...

Maybe all of your hunch is right. Whatever the reason maybe, God is always with you.

Panic Away Review said...

You can always move to place more warmer anytime you want to. I hope you'll make a good decision about it.

Julie in Texas said...

Debra, this is uncanny how you have written about this potential house shift! A "God" story from Texas...

My very good neighbor and arch-truster in God and her husband had the vague-ish idea that they would think about moving from their home here. Hubby's retirement potential was coming up and wife had a mom getting older and living halfway across the USA. They felt compelled, and did get a lot of prep ready for their house to be put on the market "next SPring" as the year went into Fall. Well, another neighbor just knocked on my door, out of the blue, one day in October and asked me if I knew anyone in the neighborhood that was "thinking about" putting their 1-story house up for sale. Art first, I said no I didn't, but then all of a sudden the light bulb sputtered in my brain and I said "yes!", as a matter of fact, I do!

As we spoke, the neighbor described how her mom's house sold for lots of cash in one day and mom wanted to move close to daughter in the same neighborhood. The more I heard about the features she wanted in her new home, the more my neighbors' home fit the description! House was bought AT FULL ASKING PRICE for cash - no inspection wanted. Zip! Neighbors were moving to be with her mom across the country by December.

HE CAN make it happen in a snap. And, He makes everything flow like clockwork. Always exciting! :)

Anonymous said...

We sold one house years ago, by someone coming to the door looking for houses like ours as they had buyers. We did get ripped off some in all that...but we escaped too!! YEP, escape is a good term. That neighborhood turned out to be not a good one, especially if one has children. So we were just happy to leave and took our lumps.

Those houses you picture in Winston Salem are cute...but my the grass is much too do know that SHORT, SHORT grass, especially if living on the edge of town or out in the country is most necessary in SNAKE COUNTRY, right? We have 5 or 6 types of deadly snake here in our lovely state...just saying...keep your lawn mower and a riding one, if you have it, is better!! And keep your summer clothing too!! HA!

Elizabeth in NC