Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where She's Unstable In All Her Ways...

If you need cheering-up, do not read this post!

"A double-minded (wo)man is unstable in all (her) ways." ... James 1:8

Uh-oh. It's official.

I am unstable in all my ways.


Days ago I found this website where you can plug in any state to then find hundreds of HUD homes for sale. So yesterday evening I searched through miles and miles of homes in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and Arizona--all places we've considered moving.

Oh dear, the cheap real estate in Arizona horrified me. Reminded me of my sad, desolate years in the Nevada Desert, what with grey, barren yards and torn-up houses. Where were all the green pastures and 1800's farmhouses and barns that we have in New York?

Still here in New York--that's where they are.

So then I ambled back over to Tennessee, Memphis to be exact and oh. My. Goodness. Memphis appeared even sadder. But of course, not all of Tennessee is Memphis! I get that, and I did find a few nice places, but still, I continued on down to South Carolina and hmmm... The houses there looked neglected, sinking-into-the-dirt dreary there, too. (Can a state look like it's crying?)

Uh-oh. And now I've gone and offended all of you who live in Arizona, Nevada,Tennessee and South Carolina. Great. Sigh.

North Carolina still looks best to me, but Tom insists he needs a garage and well, those are hard to find in NC when you're looking at $40,000 houses. And yet, after watching a new-to-me episode of American Pickers this morning I realize that yes, we do need a garage in which to shove a bunch of collectible junk. You know, for the pickers' side of us.

Earlier this week I found two houses (in Kentucky, maybe? Where the heck was I?) each with two garages even larger than the houses, themselves. Of course, Tom loved those. The houses didn't look like much (one was a log cabin, the polar opposite of my much-loved Blondie and Dagwood-style of house), but hey, those garage monstrosities certainly charmed him.

Maybe we should just stay here. (That's where the 'unstable in all her ways' part comes in.) Maybe we should just take the easy route. You know, settle. Maybe I should spend my energy trying to discover a different way to 'do winter' next year, as in, maybe I should just change my attitude.

Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Sigh. Don't mind me. I think it's all catching up to me and I've just got a bad case of the "Jobless--HangingWithMyHusband24/7--DaughterPlayingDrumsUpstairs--TelevisionAndRadioConstantlyOn--HusbandHasAHorribleCough--LostMyDearestCat--CarNeedsExpensiveRepairs--GotCabinFeverBad--It'sSnowingAgainAndWillThisDarkWinterNeverEnd? Blues.


But we did enjoy the second hour of American Idol last night. :)


This, too, shall pass. This, too, shall pass. This, too, shall pass...................................................


Echoes From the Hill said...

Making major decisions when stressed might not be a great idea. Maybe you are being told that to take a deep breath and coast for a while.

I can certainly understand wanting to get out of the house and have a mini escape though!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound unstable...I think all of us thinking of relocating go through the back and forth of things. We are. Hubby got a call yesterday with a request for a phone interview for a job clear on the opposite coast!! Yep, even farther than we moved coming out here 8 years ago. There are some pluses to it. We did see an interesting fix-it-up place near to that job for $49,000. Not bad. Thinking of what you can find here in NC in our area for that price...not likely inhabitable here. When you live near a resort area, prices seem to stay higher. That is what we are seeing. I have been watching the last couple months, the rental prices as we are renting and want to relocate soon plus daughter is planning to move out...sadly there is an increase in crime in our little "Mayberry" type town. Some rather violent. Small town, lovely OLD historic downtown area to wander through...but how long till no one wants to wander anymore, due to crime? Be sure to check out the crime statistics when you are looking for a relocation. It does matter. Blessings on your search!!

Elizabeth said...

Yes Debra, This too shall pass!
I have to keep telling myself that.
Since I have made the decision to move after 20 years there are days, I can't wait to move and then there are days,I think I must be crazy to do this.I know that God is guiding me and I have to slow down and not try to get ahead of him,but continue to let him lead the way and everything will work out,just like it should.
I am praying you find the perfect house in ( N.C.)

Morning's Minion said...

Our retirement move to KY a year ago has had some learning curves. The first one was the discovery that the homes we viewed on the internet in the 50,000-70,000 range were on actual viewing quite uninhabitable.
Lots of small houses here, houses near the road, etc. Our compromise was spending more than we intended to have 28 acres and a small 30 year old house on a hill. Said house took some renovating which my husband is well able to do.
We're liking it here in terms of a shorter winter, lower taxes, friendly neighbors.
Moving anywhere is a huge physical and emotional upheaval!