Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Longing For The Land of Normal

Okay. It's time for ol' Debra to stop flaking off. Goofing around. Wasting her days.

Whatever, however you want to put it, it's time to knock it off.

Finally Tom and I finished the whole 9 seasons and two movies of The X-Files (well, minus a handful of too-spooky episodes). Nine seasons in just a few weeks, for goodness sake!

And well, (I confess with my head hanging way low), I've actually missed watching The X-Files so yesterday we began Netflixing Heroes. We watched half the whole first season from the afternoon to 9:00 p.m.


Well, kiddos.... today is gonna be different. I'll watch maybe one episode of Heroes during the afternoon (darn these ol' addictive shows, anyway), but that's all.

It's time to return to the Land of Normal. As you already know, I love that peaceful, productive place (they reward you for obedience there), but it's easy to forget how much I love it when the big distraction month (a.k.a. December) rolls around.

But if I wait for some prince to come along on a horse to whoosh me back to The Land of Normal, well, I'll wait in vain. A couple angel appearances won't take me there either. I know--past years, I've tried waiting for that and a mysterious hand to start finger-painting confirmations on the wall, too.

Whining, "It's too hard to say no," or, "I'm too weak to be consistent," never gets me even close to the borders. Veering-off on paths called Punishment or Condemnation only appear to take me close, but never do.

My own husband can't even take me to The Land of Normal because he only knows how to get to his acre of it, not mine. Our acres in that place appear and function quite differently. We're talking night and day differences.

No, only God can lead me back to The Land of Normal, but only if I walk beside Him every step. Because hey, I have choices. I mean, if I stay on the couch for more hours of Heroes or American Pickers or if I procrastinate mailing cards, letters and bills or cleaning the house or if I keep telling my head, "Everybody else is on vacation, so why not me?", well, I'll never return to the place where I'm happiest--The Land of Normal. And although vacation often appears more fun than The Land of Normal, the fun factor dissolves quite fast, turning into something too sticky-sweet.

You know, rather like The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe's Turkish Delight.

So today I must take steps. I'll stop waiting for princes or angels or just the right circumstances or a slant of light or until I feeeel more determined. No, I walked out of The Land of Normal one step at a time and--facing toward it now-- that's exactly how I'll get back in.


I need The Land of Normal. It's there where I remember who I am--and who I want to become.

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Odie Langley said...

Good luck getting back there.