Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sad Town Cafe

I had to smile when Donetta commented three blog posts ago, "It ain't no sin to get the blues."

Oh yes, mostly I agree. In certain situations. But here's how I do it.

In my world, there is a place called Sad Town. And yes, sometimes I do walk to that place (which, in my head, resembles a 1920's Main Street movie set). But. I go no further than Sad Town Cafe, you know, the one on the very, very edge of town, just as you enter. I step inside, sit at a formica-topped table and order coffee and scrambled eggs and an extra plate for Self Pity who followed me there and now sits across the table with a sickly, fake-compassionate look upon his pathetic face.

And then I (we) sit there for one, maybe two--or at the very most--three days. Just me and Self Pity.

But I keep eyeing God over there at the table in the corner. Never do I take my eyes away from him. And so often he lifts his eyes from his newspaper to stare at me.

And then, when the time feels right (usually a bit late, even) I arise, gather my purse and book and then notice Self Pity must have walked away sometime in the neon-lit night.

I turn to go, walk through the door with the jingle bell, and because Sad Town Cafe lies on the very edge of town, it takes me almost no time to step right outside of the city limits. And I race back home.

But what I never, ever do anymore--but oh, how I used to-- I never, ever, upon my arrival at Sad Town, walk past the cafe to the middle of town or beyond and beyond to the end. Oh my, no. For it's dark down there and I may get lost. I may have to call out for help to whole truckloads of Christians to come find me and haul my sorry self back into the light. Or even, if I stayed in the blackness end of town long enough, I might forget there even was light at the other end... and decide to settle there in Sad Town for years. Just settle.

That one thought scares me.

So I will remain in the Light as God is and just make those occasional trips into Sad Town Cafe, in the light end, for just a day or two. But I'll not go deep into town. Not again. Not ever.


Odie Langley said...

We all have moments when we feel the need to visit that cafe but like you say we should never take our eyes of God. We have to stay focused and not drift too far. Hope you are having a great weekend.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Ohhhhhhh, I love to notice blog looks. And I see you have a pretty new Header pic!

Being one who loves to change my blog look around, I always notice when others do it. For me, it's one of the fun parts, of blogging.

Sadly, I can't do certain changing on my blog at present. Guess I spent a day in Sad Town Cafe, over this. But then I thought..."How silly to waste time on this!" And I bounced right out of Sad Town Cafe and back home, and looked on the bright side of all my blog-angst. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Great post Debra.

Anonymous said...

Well Said

Donetta said...

I may have to call out for help to whole truckloads of Christians to come find me and haul my sorry self back into the light.

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