Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm Thinking My Todays Matter

I'm trying to live Life so that I won't be embarrassed when I reach Heaven.

You know those tv commercials where, after settling for a lesser choice, people say, "Oh! I could have had a V8!"?

Well, in Heaven, when God walks over to me all huge and bright and glorious, I so don't want to whimper, "Oh! I could have had a remarkable life!"

"Oh! I could have known your peace rather than my misery!"

"Oh! I could have had a running conversation with you. You could have been my best friend!"

"I could have lived wrapped in your joy rather than my problems."

"I could have known you better and worried less. Much less."

"I could have learned from you how to love people."

"I could have let you heal me from Life's hurts."

"I could have listened for your answers or quietly trusted you (and moved on) when the answers just weren't there."

Well, you get it.

I'm glad of something today: I'm still here. And God is still giving me chances to know Him--and be changed. And that those, "I could have regrets" are fading as the years do.

I so desire that the move from the heaven within me to the Heaven above won't be such a jarring, oh-the-regrets transition, but rather, more like walking from a lamp-lit room to one which gleams like the sun.


"The kingdom of God is within you." ... Luke 17:21

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Odie Langley said...

Girl we all want to be right there with you. Thanks for the encouraging words.