Monday, October 25, 2010

Of Lessons and The Opposite World

Remember how ambivalent I've been about our old farmhouse and too-much-to-mow yard? Well, I'm thinking I forgot how bonkers heat and humidity make me, causing me to peer at my world through black-colored glasses. Or something. So I need to ask a favor of you. Next summer if (when?) I start whining and threatening to move, please remind me that it's just the humidity speaking, ok?

For right now? I am in love with this place, even the yard! Cooler temps arrived, the glorious golden leaves, too, and I've been one happy homeowner. I've even been hiking around the back meadow and woods and sniffing the incredible damp, woodsy air till I'm drunk on it then gazing homeward at the house's back and smiling with love.

And actually? My house, my life, is feeling, well, enchanted. A godly kind of enchanted, that is, for Grace is all over this place, walking from room to room, spreading hope and peace from her fingers.

That's how good it feels.

And I've been reminded that Real Life with God is like living in Opposite World. I mean, Tom lost his job and he's not exactly in great physical shape for a new one and Naomi is still living upstairs and so shouldn't we be all worried and biting our nails? Without God, yes, that would be our new life. But it isn't, because God and Grace are so here and they've been preparing us for this time through myriad lessons on thousands of God College days (or Kindergarten, really), days when we saw lessons as lessons, not big, bad, ugly trials (or people) to pray away to someone else's neighborhood/office/church.

Lessons arrive to teach us, to make us stronger and more able the next time to deal with the bad stuff which isn't even always bad, but just looks like it. Tom's joblessness has given us weeks of rest and times to complete tasks we'd procrastinated and Naomi's presence has been a joy, a comfort and a financial blessing, as well.

Anyway. Here it's another enchanted Monday and there's a doctor appointment for Tom in the big city and though I'd rather stay home, I'll go along with him and I'll keep my eyes open for the new lessons I'll find there. Lessons, lessons everywhere helping me to grow and discover whole new, deeper realms of peace for an even sweeter, more enchanted Life ahead.


"Remember how the Lord your God led you all the way in the desert these forty years, to humble you and to test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands. He humbled you... " ... Deuteronomy 8:2,3a

I absolutely loved this!


Rita said...

You sound so like me. I was kind of put out into the world to young without help and guidance so....I am always thinking is this the best way for us. I work to figure what will be the best as we get older, what choice in this economy, will the economy improve or will I find myself in a mess because I didn't save enough when I get old? And on and on and on...You may not be quite this bad. I guess we have to do our best. Have a little fun along the way. Work hard to keep our home and bit of land nice and trust the Lord. I love your blog.

Donetta said...

That sound of music this was weird. There is however always the protagonist that would 'if' it could remove all the wonder beauty and joy that is ever around us.

I remember the rest we had when my husband was laid off. We were in the process of getting Dash out of Russia. God even held us on for a few weeks long enough to get the adoption reimbursement, that really helped.

Good to see the perspective, your beautiful!