Friday, October 22, 2010

For Those Who Have Oh-Hum, Nothin' Talents

So on the way to Niagara Falls, we and our company chatted about talents and the way so many people say, "Oh, my talent is so small. It's nothing, really. I wish I had bigger talents. I could do more for God with bigger, better talents."

You know. We've all heard it before. And likely? We've said it all before, as well.

But here's what I'm thinking.... I'm thinking that a talent only appears small when we don't allow God to touch it, first, with His life-giving fingers. Oh, the way those fingers can raise life out of death! Talents of baking cakes or holding hands of those who grieve or email-writing, planting flowers or giving car rides to those who need them (and such things), well, in the hands of God, those talents change lives and set hearts free.

Or they can.

It's not the What, but rather, it's the Who who is calling the shots. Who is in charge, Who is doing the directing, Who is creating, imagining and leading.

It's not your gift that is small, but rather, your God.

Hand over the gift God's given you so that He can show you how to use it powerfully (by letting Him move through you), and well, you'll never again complain about your tiny talent. You'll understand there is no such thing as "aw, shucks, my talent is nothin'," once you leave all the details up to God and just do it. Simply do it because He asks you. Simply nudged by compassion.

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