Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh Wow. Old Color Slides.

Oh wow. Oh wow.

These color slides taken from 1939 - 1943 are breathtaking. Simply incredible. They were taken to show the effects of the Great Depression upon rural areas of America.

The slides whoosh me back to a long ago decade, they are so real. And yet....... when I look into the unsmiling eyes and gaze around at the poverty, I determine, more than ever, that referring to the 1930's and 40's as The Good Old Days is, well, not too wise.

These are The Good Old Days. These, now, in 2010. And what are you doing now to make your Good Old Days more memorable?


Let me know what you thought of the old slides, ok?


Mary said...

I loved the pictures! I am going to show them to my Mom. She was a child in the depression. Her family lost their home and moved into an apartment above a drug store. They had SEVEN children! She recalls it as a great adventure. It makes me laugh when my neighbor with two children says she must move from her 2400 sq ft, four bedroom house because they need more room!

Gen Overeasy said...

Incredible photos. The one with all the barefoot kids in the choir struck me.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Loved looking through the old photos.
It is interesting that one of your other commentors also had really noticed the kids in the choir singing and alot of them were without shoes. That one caught my eye as well.
Lisa :O)

Judy said...

My oldest son resently sent me this link. He knew I would LOVE it.

They do look all tired and worn out, don't they?

But, oh! What a treasure to see them.