Friday, August 13, 2010

Little Apartment on the Farm

So. Tom and I, as we did in 2008, are once again living in a one-bedroom apartment.


See, Naomi and her three cats (and one fish) now dwell in the three rooms upstairs so that means Tom and I are again living in a limited area, rather like our apartment before, except now we have a real dining room, a nice enclosed front porch and a not-so-nice back porch. (You have never seen pictures of that back porch--and until some miracle improvements happen--you never will.) It's ghastly. Just ghastly, and unfortunately it's the first room people step into, hence it's their first impression of our home.

Anyway, are Tom and I grumbling and complaining about our downsized living quarters? Nah. Not at all. Oh, some nights I have a bit of trouble sleeping since I was used to my own room upstairs, but at least down here it's cooler, what with the air-conditioner, my mattress is a zillion times better (after Naomi leaves that mattress is so headed upstairs, believe me) and I can sleep on the couch if Tom's snoring keeps me awake or if mine awakens him.

We have 8 rooms down here including the tiny baking pantry and the ghastly back porch (which really doesn't count) and not counting the wet, spider-draped basement. The front porch is usually an oven, so you can count that only in early mornings and late evenings. So usable rooms? There are basically 5. Small-ish ones.

And that's enough. Especially when you have peace between two people and Grace and God to keep you happy and contented.

It still surprises me how little it requires to stay happy. And how it's not what you have, but rather, what you are and Who you know. Who you know is the most important, when you value His opinion above everyone else's and listen to His ways of thinking first. And mainly. Then all the hype and what-you-must-have propaganda which is constantly blown into our ears doesn't latch on, trying to appear as Truth.

After all, when you have Him, you have everything you really need.


It's yard sale day down on the farm! Naomi is wanting to sell nearly all her retro collection of vintage clothes and decor so she can live a more nomadic lifestyle, so Tom and I are contributing our clutter, also. For two days the three of us will sit outside and meet nice people and try to sell them things they probably do not need. :)


Tracy said...

Good luck with the yard sale! :)

Gen Overeasy said...

Have a great weekend!