Sunday, June 06, 2010

Need Any Business Cards?

Last week I shopped online for cheapo-but-pretty business cards and I (after much searching) discovered some here. I wanted just 100 and at this website, my first order was free. I paid only for standard shipping, though they did have a lower, cheaper tier of shipping which I liked to imagine as Pony Express since it could take up to a month to receive the cards (they said). But with standard shipping mine arrived in only three days(!)

I absolutely, positively love these cards. I chose the design, above, and at the top mine say Healing Acres. There's no website scarring the trees and only one phone number on the right. Ideally our names and address would have been on the right and thus not obscure the barn, but alas, I didn't have that option. But still, I do love these things.

Just thought I'd pass this offer along.


Debbie V. said...

I like the idea of "business" cards for personal reasons - when you want to give someone your phone or address or sounds nice to be able to pull one out of your purse.
I'll check this...although I'm thinking I might be able to make some on my printer...

Tracy said...

Oh, I love that...Healing Acres! The card is pretty, too. :)