Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Of Callings Discovered

I hope you've discovered what God wants you to do for Him and how He wants you to specifically be and live and view things.

Why? Because once you discover all that, Life becomes simpler. Ideally, anyway.

If I know that God wants me to write faithfully in this blog, to always keep an ear leaning His way so I'll know what to write, well, then I won't be spending weeks and years, say, seeking to get myself over to Africa to become a missionary. Or feeling guilty that I'm not in Africa being a missionary.

I'll not be wasting time seeking to start my own church or get a place on the worship team or become president of The Ladies Aide.

No, I'll spend my time here at my blog, writing things for you to read. I'll walk through my days with you and God on my mind, listening to what He wants me to tell you next. And allowing Him to take me places where I'll learn new lessons so to pass them along--real places with real adventures and places inside my heart where real changes happen.

And if I know that God wants me to become an excellent wife, homemaker and farmgirl around our four acres, then this is where I'll be--here on our farm--learning, being and doing. Not, instead, seeking to be anyplace but here. Not traveling elsewhere trying to discover ways to become famous or more appreciated or a world crusader. No, most of my time will be spent right here at home learning and living and just becoming better at what God has called me to do

Does that mean I never go anyplace else to become better at what God's called me to do? Nah.. God uses other places, other people to teach me. People down the road, across the state or on the Internet. Good teachers are everywhere.

But today I'm just speaking of most of my time. You know, the majority. It's the main part of my time and energy of which I'm speaking and today I'm grateful to know what God has called me to do and be, for that hasn't always been so. Years past, I believed I had no clue, but you know? I think my cluelessness came from wishing God would give me a more public calling rather than the 'small', quieter ones, deep inside, I knew He'd given me.

And it was in looking for 'fireworks callings' which could bring larger amounts of appreciation that brought about my confusion and my blindness to His actual gift(s) for my life.

But now, the confusion is gone. The seeking, the racing around, the wasting of years of time have vanished.

Now there is acceptance and great peace, instead.


What are you good at? What comes easily for you? What do you enjoy? Chances are, those are the ways God wants to use you to help others. (He never meant it to be a great mystery, for where's the logic in that?)


We've had visits from a few new, exciting types of birds lately. Here is what appears to be a Baltimore Oriole! (I would say click to enlarge but this new blog design won't let you do that. Well, not at this moment, anyway. Perhaps later? If I didn't love the new look so much, I'd switch back. Oh well.)

P.S. A special thanks to Kim for telling me she was able to enlarge the photo. Must just be that my own computer isn't used to the new design. :)


Kim said...

I just blogged about this the other day! When I think about what I'm good at or what I enjoy - "nothing and lots of things" are the first thing that pops up. LOL.

Totally get the "fireworks" bit, have that same gene.

If you click on the picture of the bird, it takes you to another page and it is bigger.

Laura said...

About five years ago, I was lamenting to God about how I wanted to find a place to serve outside our home now that I was a stay at home mom with a new baby and my old life of serving and being socially involved had changed so much. I was making the bed at the time. And God said, clear as day to me: "I will not use you to serve others outside of your home, until you learn to serve those that live inside your home with the same passion and heart." I learned a lot since then about my need for firework type service, to be seen and known. But I trip a lot on my own desires and just this morning, I told my husband I didn't want to do the stay at home thing today and wanted to go away to work somewhere and do something "smart". I know, I know, being home requires brains and smarts and all that and I'm using them and I think I'm doing it well. I just pine away for something bigger every now and then, forgetting that it's God who should be made known and I'm humbled again.

I appreciated your post - I also think of you whenever I get that whining cycle of thoughts about having a quiet life at home and I'm instantly encouraged to enjoy every moment of it, to revel in the place God has called me.

Tracy said...

Debra, lovely thoughts this morning. I enjoy reading your blog and learn a lot from you. Thanks for blogging!

I'm not really sure what I'm good at. I'm imagine my calling is being a wife, mother & homemaker.