Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Putting Some Action to Wishes

Sometimes people say they wish they could go back to being teenagers.


I would go back only if I could take along what I know now. And if I could start all over at 18, here are some changes I would make. (Warning: Some of these sound wild, but I'm serious.)

I would never buy a microwave oven.

I would never take medications, but rather, I'd find alternative natural cures. I would become a near-expert at holistic/nutritional healing and practices.

I would exercise five days a week.

I would never, ever drink anything with NutraSweet/aspartame. Never Ever.

I would develop a deep aversion to complaining. I would give more, trust more, laugh more and worry less.

I would grow and preserve as much of my own food as possible.

I would take plenty of Vitamin D every winter.

I would eat way more vegetables and much, much less sugar and processed foods.

I would watch less tv and spend more hours outside.

And the list goes on and on.....

But of course, I can't go back.

And yet! I can make these changes now, and I am. Trying to, anyway. It's an adventure, a challenge, for discipline is never a cinch. Yet all the changes are proving to be worth all the effort.


If you could go back, what sorts of changes would you make?


You can do what God wants you to do. There's always a way, or else He wouldn't ask it of you.


Tracy said...

Oh my, where would I start?! ;)

Great post, Debra!

Rodney Olsen said...

What an absolutely wonderful post.

When I read about going back in time I thought, "Only if I could take what I know now". Then I read you saying the same thing.

Then when you started listing the things you would do I found myself nodding with some and yet thinking, "I can still make some of those changes now". Sure enough, you were already way ahead of me.

I think the main thing I'd want to do if I went back to 18 would be to head across the other side of the city and meet my wife 10 years earlier. It would be so good to have an extra decade with Pauline.

Everly Pleasant said...

Thank you for this post!
It is a great inspiration to me. I am turning eighteen next month and beginning to make some of my own decisions. To be guided in what decisions to make now will save me some regrets in the future. So from the teenagers of today, thank you!