Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Year We Had Two Springs

In February of 1993, Tom moved out here to Buffalo while Naomi and I stayed in Nevada and prepared for the Big Move. And as Tom dealt with record-breaking snowstorms and chills here that year, Naomi and I enjoyed sweet sunshine and green--green trees, green grass and green stems of flowers. Warm breezes. Bliss.

Finally, Naomi and I flew out to Buffalo on April 28th of that year. Wow. Brown! Everything was still Winter-brown that day as Tom drove us to the home where we'd be staying for two weeks. I gazed out the rain-splotched car windows and saw brown and grey trees and grey skies. I adored the thousands of old, old two and three-story houses, but all this grey and brown so late in the year! Not so much.

Yet fourteen days later we moved into our new-old house and Spring had begun her rebirth. Lawns were greening and daffodils were blooming and leaves were popping out upon branches. What a glorious homecoming gift, indeed.

And what a miracle, I remember thinking all those years ago. What a lovely miracle to experience the birth, the unfolding marvel which is Spring twice in one year!

If ever you can pull that off, I highly recommend it. All these seventeen years later, I've never forgotten that joy.

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Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

That was a lucky year....Debra, I think you would enjoy reading Edwin Way Teale's book North With the Spring....It first came out when I was little and I remember my aunt reading it, and I read it in high school, but I think you can still find inexpensive copies, and maybe the library would have it. He traveled 17,000 miles from Florida to the north and had about three months of spring.......